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5 Must-Read Books For This October

All these books are awesome, each in their own way.

Just like last month, we come once more to my monthly presentation to you of the awesome books I’ve read lately. This past Septmeber–like most months–saw a number of things cross my desk, including science fiction, fantasy, science-fantasy and contemporary work. While I read more than five books in the past four weeks, I felt that only the following five were cool enough for me to share them with you. (And, as always, if you have suggestions for what I should read next, be sure to tell me about them.)



#5 “The Holder’s Dominion” — Genese Davis


Not long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Genese Davis on her novel, “The Holder’s Dominion,” as well as on the topics of geekery, writing and gaming (which you can check out here). I hadn’t read her book before interviewing her, but after talking with her about it, I knew I needed to pick up a copy. Cut to a few days after our interview and I was one happy camper.

“The Holder’s Dominion” is a novel of a young woman who goes to a college far away from her family to try and escape the painful memories of her father’s death. When she stumbles upon an old friend having a panic attack at a grocery store, she does her best to help him, and in the process discovers the world of Edannair, a MMORPG that’s essentially “World of Warcraft.” Kaylie (the protagonist) finds the game not only entertaining, but fulfilling as well. She makes new friends in the fantasy world, as well as…if not enemies, then “antagonists,” one of whom is the titular “Holder.” The Holder is the leader of Sarkmarr, an elite guild that counts many of the game’s best players in its ranks. Kaylie wants to prove herself good enough to join–not just as a girl, either but as a gamer–but the Holder makes some odd and unsettling requests of those seeking entrance to the guild.

Davis’s book is one that any reader would enjoy, gamer or not. The sections set in the real world have the weight of real life problems behind them, while those passages in the game world are as descriptive and interesting as any other great fantasy novel. “The Holder’s Dominion” is a good read all around, and one that allows its reader insight into a fascinating world.


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