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An Interview With Alex Murd

Alex Murd


Alex Murd sits to talk and expand on themes of symmetry, connection/disconnection, personal baggage, and the iterative nature of growth in her graphic novel Evenin’.

This story begins as a lady named Sal moves into the downstairs half of a duplex occupied on its top by Kale. These two come together simply enough with a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and the conversation between them. They connect here, and then unravel over the course of the story. That deeper personal baggage we hide from most other people comes out and is explored as these two people’s broken parts are splayed openly the light.

All the beauty and sadness of the human condition are displayed for us in harsh black & white contrast. Evenin’ lives in the foreground, and most specifically the eye. The droop of an eyelid, the sharp accent of an eyebrow, the bags we carry below our eyes. They all speak to who we are, and where we’ve been. They speak too, to where Sal & Kale have been. Their eyes show hurt, regret, lust, and how all those emotions can come together in volatile ways.

Alex Murd is the flagship author & artist at CrazedPixel. You should relax to the rhythm of soft toned jazz, and listen to it here.

Part one:

Part two:

Purchase Evenin’ here.

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