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Review: Avengers Vs X-Men #10


With only two issues remaining, the conflict of Avengers Vs. X-Men is reaching a fever pitch. Issue #10 has been one of the most exciting and ingenuitive  since the advent of the “phoenix five.”

(spoilers below)

Brubaker is credited with scripting this issue which gave him a lot of freedom to further build on K’un Lun and the greater Iron Fist mythology. Part of what has made this event such an epic standout (aside from the twelve issue run) is that the overall story was conceived by  some of Marvels brightest writers. Bendis put the Avengers and X-Men through hell for years with Disassembled and House of M. Jason Aaron made The Incredible Hulk a title worth reading again and has written some of the best Wolverine stories in recent Marvel history. Brubaker’s run on Captain America is legendary (he even managed to make Bucky into a cool character, something which itself deserves an award) and Fraction’s work on Iron Man was my favorite post Secret Invasion book and got me buying it again regularly. Both writers had a hand in reviving and relaunching Iron Fist too. And Johnathan Hickman’s mind bending sci-fi and long setups and pay offs took Fantastic Four from boredom inducing to a monthly must read. Only a combined creative team with this much cred gets to plot the big story with all the toys in the sandbox.

It’s when you get a creative team like this together, the fans get a chance to see the marvel universe grow and develop. The Phoenix force is now only split between Cyclops and Emma Frost. For someone who started out as the white queen, it was easy to see that Emma would be corrupted. Power corrupts everyone, but from what we’ve seen before the Phoenix can dig in to become Dark Phoenix more readily with telepaths. The Avengers battling a cosmic level threat in the mystic, snowy mountains of K’un Lun makes for plenty exciting and breathtaking art. In this issues in particular, Kubert backgrounds set the tone and his facial closeups show the magnitude of what is occurring.  Characters grow up at variable rates in comics. Since time is fluid, the only way a character really becomes more adult is through their experience in the narrative. Both the story and Kubert’s art show that this issue, Hope has grown more and is set to be a major player in the Marvel universe. As a mutant we’ve seen her ability is to grab the powers of whoever she is in proximity with. There doesn’t need to be physical contact. We see, for the first time in the pages of the 616, the Chaos fist. Hope is able to use multiple powers at once as well as combine them. With Wanda’s hex power, and somehow able to tap then Iron Fist energy of Shou Lao the undying, and the phoenix force inhabiting Cyclops, Hope scores a critical hit which knocks Cyclops through dimensions. With only two issues left, I can’t wait to see what Xavier returning to Utopia will mean for the remaining X-Men there. No one signed on to be part of a dictatorship ruled by Scott Summers and Emma Frost. Xavier’s return could be the catalyst the remaining X-Men need to aid the Avengers in containing the phoenix force.

Geek Smash rating: 94/100

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