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Comic Book Review: Flee #1

Comic Book Review: Flee #1


In Flee #1, Pest Exterminator Rigby Pinkerton isn’t doing too well. As if being saddled with that unfortunate moniker wasn’t enough: he’s split from his wife; he’s losing half of his stuff; and he’s living with his lazy, dresses-like-she’s-forty-years-younger mother.

However, though Rigby might be lying in the gutter, he’s looking at the stars. If nothing else, he still has the hope that things will turn around.

Aboard a starship in an unnamed sector of space, failed Sect Resistance cadet Flick Fleebus is being promoted to Commander status. Teamed with an Elite Sigma Trion Guardian Robot – First Class, assigned a small crew, Flick is entrusted with the mysterious Nexus Sphere in a last-ditch, desperate attempt to safeguard it from their enemy, The Krill. Though not entirely confident in his ability to deliver, Flick is prepared to step up and take on the challenge, which is good because he’s quickly attacked by a traitorous brigade who are after the Sphere!

Flick and his crew make their escape, protecting the all-important Sphere, in a scene with similarities to the original Star Wars. The others remain behind to fend off the attackers; but, it’s not long before everyone left on board meets with an unfortunate fate at the hands of a Krill battleship.


The Elder who entrusted Flick with his new role gives him a device containing everything he needs to know regarding the protection of the Nexus Sphere. Flick and his crew’s immediate concern is escaping The Krill and finding a planet to where they can lay low. One of the crew’s number doesn’t share the Elder’s belief in Flick, and turns out to be a traitor–affording Flick with his first opportunity to prove his worth as a commander. He fails, however, and the traitor seemingly gets away with the Sphere.

Fortunately, it turns out that a sleight of hand has been played by the programmed-to-be-a-jerk Elite Sigma Guardian Robot (First Class), and he’s guarding the true Sphere. The traitor has unknowingly escaped with only an active time bomb.

There’s no respite for Team Flick, though, as Krill ships are hot on their tail, and land their escape pod with blasts that the jerk-bot calculates mean the ship has a 99.99999% chance of crashing. Luckily, they’re close enough to Earth now to make a crash landing. Not so luckily, they crash-land in our resident Pest Exterminator’s backyard… and there’s a twist-reveal regarding their relative physical proportions.

flee-preview -3-

This is a decent debut that sets up the series well. However, it’s hampered by poor editing. There are typos, grammatical mistakes, and it would have been good for Rigby to get name-checked rather than only referred to as ‘son’ or ‘hon’ by his mother. I was forced to find his actual name in a promo blurb.

Atul Bakshi & Ed Watson’s art is fairly good, though there’s the occasional odd shot where perspective looks a little off. Mark Borstel’s coloring is decent, but would have enhanced the action further by being glossier. The bulk of the book, devoted to the space action, could have been sharper and a bit tighter. And Flick’s use of expository dialogue, along with the aforementioned errors in the text, detract from full immersion in the story, as does Flick’s use of Earth terms such as ‘by the way’, and a mangled line to Flick from his Elder: “I know your lack of experience makes up for your great courage.”

There’s a bit of humor running through the book, though it’s quite subtle. The action hangs together, but doesn’t contain anything particularly original.

Writer Raphael Moran’s ‘accidental hero’ set up here is nothing new, but done fairly well. I’m intrigued to see more of Rigby and what he’s gonna do. This set-up issue, in spite of its flaws, has definitely grabbed my attention.

Geek Smash rating: 66/100

Flee #1 is published by Arcana and available digitally at $0.99 from

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