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Fan Friday–Harry Potter

Who you calling a muggle?

What is a Geek, dear readers, but an avid fan of something? Whether it’s a band, a movie or a book series, geek are big fans of all sorts of things, and I think fandoms should be celebrated. That’s why I’m starting “Fan Friday.” Each Friday I shall post an article celebrating the amazing creations written/designed/drawn (/knitted) by fans of different things to geek out about. This Friday it’s Harry Potter, aka The Boy Who Lived, aka The Kid with the Lightning Bolt Tattoo. (Okay, it’s a scar, but work with me here.)

As we all know (at least I hope you do), Harry Potter is the main character and protagonist of the series by J.K. Rowling. A boy who was abused by his aunt and uncle grows up to find that he’s a wizard; that magic is real; and that the Dark Lord that killed his parents is coming after him too. Not only that, but Harry has to deal with homework, girls and puberty all while doing his best not to die in various horrible ways. In addition to the books there were a number of movies and video games, but the Harry Potter fandom wasn’t satisfied. To fill the lightning-bolt-shaped hole in their lives, they created the following.



As Geek Smash’s Andi Theirin reported the other day, Qudditich is totally a real thing. Granted, nobody’s actually flying around out there on the field, but people do actually play the wizard sport from the “Harry Potter” books (albeit a Muggle version). The rules are a bit different, given that the brooms involved are less “Nimbus 2000” and more “straw,” but everyone involved seems like they’re having a heck of a time.

Check out this documentary the IQA (International Quidditch Association) did about the Quidditch World Cup IV called “Brooms Up!”


2). Potter Puppet Pals

Created by Neil Cicierega back in 2003, “Potter Puppet Pals” are animated/live action videos that re-imagine the “Harry Potter” universe through a somewhat surreal lens. Also, there are hand puppets. You can check out all the videos here, but I thought I’d share the first one I ever saw with you here on Geek Smash.

I love these things. Whether they’re “celebrating” Neville’s birthday (played by a series of gourds), bothering Snape or Harry explains his nightmares, “Potter Puppet Pals” videos never fail to crack me up.


3). A Very Potter Musical (and sequels)

Performed at the University of Michigan’s campus back in 2009 and starring Darren Criss (before he was on Glee) as the leading man, “A Very Potter Musical” tells the tale of Harry Potter through the magic of song. It’s pretty hilarious. You can find the playlist here, or you can watch the first video below. The quality’s not great, but I laughed out loud a bunch of times while watching it, plus you can see how much of their hearts the actors and actresses poured into this musical. I admire their passion.

Due to its success, StarKid Productions was able to put out a sequel (“A Very Potter Sequel“) as well as a third installment (“A Very Potter Senior Year“).

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