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Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #12


Life hasn’t been easy for Buffy in Season 9, or ever for that matter. The transition from world protector/slayer army General to private corporate security is a huge leap. Easy is never exciting anyway. Andrew Chamberbliss has done a fantastic job balancing the best parts of Buffy, the action and the comedy.

(spoilers below)

Buffy has been tasked with protecting our fictional Zuckerberg from being murdered by a familiar demonic presence. So much of season 9 is dealing with the fall out of the end of Season 8. The source of magic in their world destroyed, many were now trapped, unable to move off the Earthly plane or return to it. Enter Wolfram and Hart, Angel TV series ultimate big bag, extra dimensional entities, and internet start-up investors. By funding Theo Daniels social networking start-up, the Senior partners added their own infrastructure to make it a means of communications through dimensions. This was a really clever way to have them in the issue as the instigating evil and still never see their true, physical form. Buffy and Kennedy working together make a really funny buddy cop duo.

Their mindsets and fundamental approach to the job are so different that it puts them at odds while still allowing them to complete their mission. Destroying the websites servers is the only way to sever the connection, so the mission goes from bodyguard duty to major destruction. Chamberbliss uses the stories need to destroy the website to show Theo Daniels is destroying his whole life as he knows it and draw a juxtaposition to Buffy recent major life change. It brings the two of them closer together as Buffy is not only protecting him, but also empathizing with him.

Buffy also calls up the debt she is owed from Koh, the demon whose life she saved at the beginning of Season 9. He was one of the multitude of demons that are now trapped in our dimension and unable to return home. This ploy for aid ends up backfiring for Buffy, as Koh requires vengeance more than the honor of his debt. Even after defeating the giant tentacle demon, Koh is used to set up the cliffhanger for the next issue. Next issue will be part three and will wrap up the “Guarded” story arc. Even though Koh now hold Theo hostage, killing him won’t stop Buffy from destroying the server and severing the sites connection. I think this will end up being a ploy for information. After the conclusion, I’m interested to see where Buffy will go next after losing both Willow and Spike as regular cast members in the book.

Geek Smash comic rating: 81/100

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