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‘Uber’ # 6 Review


‘This can on be considered Pyrrhic’

“Uber,” by Kieron Gillen and published by Avatar Press, is a re-imagining of what would have been the final days of World War Two. The crumbling Axis powers have done the unthinkable: created super humans, and have begun pushing the allied forces back. Millions of Allied soldiers have fallen trying to find a weakness in the indestructible German super soldiers. The first issues jumped over Europe, weaving the tale from all sides, the desperately inept and evil Hitler, the determined but concerned Churchill, and soldiers on both fronts. The Allies began their own super human training program, and questions have been answered as to the powers of which people are capable. There are levels to the powers soldiers can have, the highest level being labeled “Panzermen Battleship” class. The Allies only have one, to the Germans’ three… Things haven’t been going well.

“Uber” #6 can be seen as the final act in the first chapter of what will surely be a long and devastating story. Issues 0-5 set the paths of all our main leads to converge on Paris. “Give me an opera,” Hitler  ordered, and issue number 6 delivered. Patrick, our allied battleship, dubbed himself Colossus before joining the battle to give strength to the much smaller allied army. A slew of English commanders devise a battle strategy for what seems like a unwinnable fight. Meanwhile, Germans gather, eager to burn Paris. The battle is a brutal one, though written mostly in silence, which is a poignant choice I applaud. Many fell on all sides, but the centerpiece was the knockout fight between the  German Battleship and Patrick our hero from issue one. I did not see the outcome coming.


As with other Avatar Press offerings, Uber is fast becoming one of the best written and most underrated comic books. Its slick presentation easily ties the world together with themes of grief, destruction and those obsessed with power. The art, by Caanan White, is incredible–I especially like the detail put into the super humans. The destruction of Paris and its implictions are terrifying.  This issue acts as a bookend to the first chapter in the overall story. The first issue began with a gun in Hitler’s mouth and this one ended with Churchill putting his gun away. The pacing leaves a little be to desried, and the final few pages feels a bit rushed. What I like from a story is when it doesn’t fall into my expectations. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I do know that if you aren’t reading Uber, you should be.

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