Posted April 27, 2012 by Jon Burrows in Books & Comics

Comic Book Review: Mike Oeming’s ‘Victories’ #1 from Dark Horse


Victories #1 Cover

So we had the honor to preview “Victories”, Mike Oeming’s latest creation.  Victories is apparently a group of vigilantes that have come together for a much needed cause…to help clean up this extremely corrupt and downtrodden city.  Right away I was impressed with the set-up.  Oeming did a fantastic job of really capturing the essence of a corrupt and morally fallen city in a way that makes the reader really feel like you’re there.  I could almost smell the city…and it didn’t smell nice.

The hero, Faustus, has his own set of personal issues that we are excited to learn more about.  He almost seems to wear a mask for multiple reasons, not just because it’s what heroes do.  The antagonist we are introduced to in this issue, Jackal, does what I think many would do if their moral compass were broken and run over with a monster truck, and it’s hard to see really what side he is on.  The complexities laid out in this first issue leaves the reader with more questions than answers and opens up many opportunities for the writer to expand.  Without giving anything away I would simply recommend definitely picking up this first issue, it’s a great read and the art-work compliments the essence of the story.


Jon Burrows

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