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Youtube Geek Week Roundup 2013

The best videos from Youtube’s Geek Week 2013

This year’s YouTube Geek Week gave us tons of material to choose from. Check out some of the best videos below!


Why Does Gaming Create So Much Anger?

In this video, the Rev3Games crew takes a closer look at what goes into gaming. It’s not just about fun anymore—insults and death threats are now the norm. They discuss the potential reasons for this and what can be done about it. As I’m not a massive gamer it’s interesting to see this sort of commentary.


The Flying Man

I love everything about this video. Marcus Alqueres has made a trailer about, simply, a flying man. It begins with the public’s reaction to having a flying vigilante protecting the city. The main story focuses on two criminals, one who is scared of the flying man and one who isn’t. It has a political feel to it rather than the pure action-adventure you’d expect from a superhero video. The Flying Man would make a great YouTube series or, if done properly, even a great television series.


Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

What would Breaking Bad look like if performed as a middle school musical? It’d look a lot like the above video. It’s funny, it recaps seasons 1-5, and it even makes a prediction for the end of the series. Seeing a bunch of kids dressed up as Breaking Bad characters is pretty cute, especially when they’re singing about making “rock candy.”


Slow Motion Water Balloon Fight

I always enjoyed water balloon fights as a child. I didn’t get the opportunity to have them very often, so I made sure to appreciate them when they popped up. The hardest part was always tying the balloons. It was the worst.

This Geek Week water balloon fight, however, was far beyond anything I’ve participated in. The slowmoguys and Freddie Wong compete in a water balloon fight—though really, once Freddie’s backup arrives it’s more of a water balloon massacre. This would have been amazing by itself, but the slow motion only makes it better.


10 Incredible Cosplay Outfits with Weasley Twins GW

Who doesn’t love the Weasley twins? In this video, actors James and Oliver Phelps go over ten amazingly detailed cosplayers. My personal favorites were the Iron Man and Transformer costumes. The level of effort that went into making those costumes shows some extreme devotion. Other notable costumes in the video include Black Widow, Darth Maul, and the Little Mermaid.


Elders React to Grand Theft Auto V

It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of an older generation. I’m already subscribed to the React videos so it was a nice surprise to see a Geek Week entry.

This episode of the show features elders reacting to Grand Theft Auto V. Some comments were positive, especially concerning the graphics, but comments became negative when it became clear how violent the game was. The elders’ praising of the game graphics is one of my favorite parts because it reminds me of how bad the graphics were on my brother’s old Sega Genesis. Video games have come a long way in both good and bad ways, and I think it’s important to take a step back and look at modern gaming from a different perspective.


MATT SMITH + Doctor Who Fans Give JENNA COLEMAN Comic-Con Survival Tips

Calling all Doctor Who fans! Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman talk to a few Comic Con-goers in this video and Jenna gets advice on surviving Comic Con. It’s fun to see Matt and Jenna interacting off-screen, not to mention seeing some great Doctor Who cosplay. YouTuber Philip DeFranco makes a quick appearance to “apply” for the role of the Twelfth Doctor, so watch out for him.


There are a wide variety of other Geek Week videos available on YouTube. If you want more Geek Week, check out the playlists here.

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