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Zombies Took Over San Diego Comic-Con 2013!


From zombie toys to a full-fledged zombie apocalypse, San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was flooded with zombies!

It goes without saying that if it weren’t for the television show, “The Walking Dead,” zombies wouldn’t be as much of a pop culture trend as they are now. This past week at San Diego Comic-Con , zombies were the big craze and among the masses. And as a die-hard (no pun intended) zombie fanatic, I was in awe of all the undead action going down in San Diego. Speaking of action, have you checked out ‘The Walking Dead’ Survival Machine, Colin O’Boyle features in this article? Holy torpedo! That tank of a car is gnarly and was well displayed on the convention floor of Comic-Con.

While I’m a “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Walking Dead” zombie-type loving girl, Comic-Con did host a variety of zombie culture to satisfy everyone’s brain.

Let’s start with zombie toys. Tons of exhibitors took to the convention floor selling and debuting geeky must-haves. Here are two adorable (yes, zombies can be adorable) zombie toys that will quench your blood-thirst for something subtle and not so frightening:



Coming this Fall to a Hot Topic near you, Yarn Zombies  are “For the Living. From the Undead”. Check out the Yarn Zombie website for an elaborate overview of how these hand-crafted creatures came about. These almost pocket-sized zombie pals can relate to your everyday dilemmas that turn us humans into zombies; a bad break-up, over-loaded at work, stress…


Princess Zombies!

Not only can zombies be adorable, but they can also be hauntingly beaufitul! You too can find zombies fascinating with WowWee’s new line of Once Upon a Zombie dolls. These aren’t your ordinary dolls; your beloved enchanting fairy tales and princesses have transformed into deathly beauties. Download the free Zombie Princess mobile app and get creative with ‘zombiegrams’. For more information check out


Those of you that have been following my articles and tweets know that I’ve been looking forward to the Walking Dead Escape.  Well, the apocalypse struck and The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park was terrifyingly real! Hordes of zombies invaded Petco Park July 19-20 in San Diego. I laced up my running shoes and strapped on my action cam to capture this event, from which, sadly, I didn’t manage to escape. The obstacles consisted of plexiglass tunnels covered in blood and guts, abandoned cars scattered throughout the course and chain link fences that required my leaping and climbing skills to navigate. The Walking Dead Escape is a no-holds-barred course that not only requires physical stamina but mentally challenges and almost prepares you for the real zombie apocalypse; because it’s going to happen, right?

This year the Walking Dead Escape joined forces with KNM EFX Group, Inc. and its founder Greg Nicotero to facilitate the special effects make-up for the zombies featured in the course.  Check out my Geek Venture below to see what this one-of-a-kind course is like and catch a glimpse of the mayhem that will erupt when the zombies invade!


Finally, no Comic-Con is complete without zombie cosplay. There were tons of zombie cosplay mash-ups, Wolverine zombie, Disney Princess zombies and I caught glimpse of an undead Spider-Man dragging his corpse through the convention floor. Here are two zombie cosplays that caught my eye, and fortunately not my brain!


Oh no!





Oh and remember how I said I didn’t manage to escape The Walking Dead Escape? Well it’s true! The virus has spread and I’ve turned!



Okay, zombie geeks, here is your chance to get your hands on a zombie themed, Comic-Con exclusive prize pack; Yarn Zombie Sokz  & collector pin, a Once Upon a Zombie doll and a copy of “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Govenor” novel and poster that was available at The Walking Dead Escape. Take a bite a winning this to-die-for prize pack by leaving a comment about zombies below! What do you like about them? Have a favorite zombie movie? What scares you most about zombies? I’ll announce the winner, Wednesday, July 31, on my twitter, @TishTini .

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