Posted August 17, 2012 by Jon Burrows in Games

Sony’s PlayStation Network hacked? Think again!

PS3-Hacked-http://geeksmash.comMan, if this is were true, I’d start to feel sorry for all the people who own a Playstation 3 (PS3).

It appears that on August 14th a pastebin article was supposedly posted by Anonymous, that the infamous Playstation Network (PSN) was hacked once again, mirroring the incident in 2010. ( – expect the site to be busy and get a “page cannot be displayed”)

Sources are saying that Anonymous may be not be involved. According to Kotaku this supposed PSN email list is actually from a posting on March 19th 2012 from an email hack by Universe Security Sucks.

According to a (now removed) tweet by Shane Bettenhausen, who is with Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Business Development department, the Anonymous hack claim “totally fake.” Sony’s Playstation twitter account confirms that message.

However, this should once again remind us, that with today’s completely one-sided and totally unconscionable End User License Agreements (EULA), where Sony (and other video game publishers) remove the right for a class action lawsuit and absolve themselves of any responsibility, that there is no easy legal recourse for the end-user or gamer.

Look at it this way folks… At least no 3 month PSN outage? *sly grin*

by Mark Wolf

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