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Wii U Zelda Coming in 2014

“Nintendo is yet to release a Zelda game that falls short of awesome.”


wii-u-zelda- There’s a lot of excitement behind the Wii U. Tons of game continuations are coming up (Pikmin 3), as well as completely new concepts (Zombie U). Along with all those brand new release, we can also expect the greatest, most epic Zelda game yet. Whatever you saw in E3, forget about it. This is the real deal.

Whatever your expectations have been before every Zelda release, try not to hold onto those. Most Zelda games have gone through a complete and total make-over for every new installment. Not all of us agreed on the changes at the beginning but Nintendo is yet to release a Zelda game that falls short of awesome.

Generally speaking, the game does not change. You will still get to explore the same number of dungeons and areas. However, dungeons will be enormous. It usually takes about two hours to complete a dungeon, but for the Wii U, they’re creating dungeons so big, that they will be divided into sections. These dungeons can accumulate to hours of gameplay, definitely much more than what we get now. In addition to that, we can expect dungeons and temples to be heavily integrated with the game. That was a relatively big improvement we saw with Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. In previous games, it was pretty ridiculous to walk into Dodongo’s Cavern and explore a cavern greater than Death Mountain, or Inside the Deku Tree only to fight a boss bigger than the Deku Tree itself. In fact, the first dungeon will be a forest, so we will literally see no boundaries as to where the temple begins and where it ends.

The developers are really trying to put their biggest efforts into this masterpiece. We’re talking dungeons larger than Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time. The development team is actually the biggest one to date. Hundreds of people are working on the new and extremely ambitious Zelda title. This Zelda was expected to be release alongside the Wii U, causing competition with Microsoft and Sony also releasing their new consoles, but the project had to be pushed for a 2014 release. This is Nintendo’s biggest game yet, and they’re wandering into territories that only Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto have been able to exploit to perfection.

Whenever I hear about a new Zelda game, I always find myself thinking “what’s Link going to look like?” Well, if you enjoyed the style put into Skyward Sword, then you’re in luck. We can expect something pretty similar to that. We’ll also have much more motion control, and game physics now that Nintendo has partnered up with Umbra and GameWare. How does the new GamePad come in? Ever since the GamePad for the Wii U was announced, Nintendo started building the Zelda game around it, or even alongside it. Improvements have been made to the GamePad for Wii U Zelda, as well as the GamePad being a deciding factor in a lot of specifics for the game.

I’m not even done with Skyward Sword but I’d kill to find out more about Wii U Zelda. I really don’t know what to expect, except for an awesome game. Any thoughts?


– Matthew A. Ramirez

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