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New Trailer for ‘Dishonored’ The Knife of Dunwall DLC Coming April 16th

What to Expect From “Dishonored” DLC

Well, we are getting another piece of DLC from Bethesda for “Dishonored.” I must say that this new stuff looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride. This new DLC will put us in the shoes of Daud: the infamous killer who actually murdered the empress. Bethesda has decided to call this DLC “The Knife of Dunwall.”

New Weapons, Gadgets, Powers and More!

With more challenges and achievements also comes more danger. With new powers like ‘Summon Assassin,’ you can call upon the whalers to have them assist you in combat. Find new Bone Charms and hidden Runes with ‘Void Gaze’ and learn new variations of previous powers including ‘Blink.’ New weapons will include the Wristbow, Chokedust and Stun Mines. Use these weapons to customize the game and make your own personal arsenal. Chokedust can daze your enemies, while Stun Mines are powered by whale oil and will stun your enemies. The Wristbow will be concealed and has both sleep darts and explosive darts for both ways of playing the game.

You will also have the the ability to explore more of Dunwall than previously allowed. This new freedom will allow you once again to  choose your own path and make “Dishonored” your own. Based on the decisions you make, you will either find your redemption or your turn towards darkness. Find your way through a previously undiscovered Flooded District, the place where Daud’s hidden base lies. Make your way through a butcher-filled factory of whale carcasses in the Rothwild Slaughterhouse–located in the Legal District. In “The Knife of Dunwall” you will return to many of the places you have seen before but with an all-new perspective, including the moment when Corvo’s journey really began.

Later, you will be able to discover the mystery behind Delilah and conclude Daud’s fate in the to-be-released final add-on , ‘The Brigmore Witches.”

The “Knife of Dunwall” DLC will cost you $9.99 for Playstation and Steam and about 800 MS points for Xbox 360 and will be available April 16th. If you haven’t played “Dishonored” before and are thinking about purchasing it in the near future, check out review we did for the game here.

Will you become “The Knife of Dunwall?”



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