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Lollipop Chainsaw: A Future Zombie Classic….Sorta

Lollipop Chainsaw:  A Future Zombie Classic….Sorta

Some games are considered “AAA” titles, will sell millions of copies and be hailed as greats. Other games are called “Indie” and are built by small companies and then called fan favorites. This cultural joke on the zombie world I feel is destined for the tag of “Cult Classic”.

The concept behind the game is simple. You’re Juliet, a cheerleader at San Romero (as in George Romero) high. On the day of your birthday you go to meet your boyfriend, Nick, at school. Problem is that the school is under siege by a zombie apocalypse. Good thing you come from a family of zombie slaying bad asses. You must travel through musically themed zones that reflect upon each boss you face so you can save the world.

The game itself it is a hack and slash. You use light attacks to round zombies up in a group and then follow-up with a few heavy attacks to finish them off in visual display of gore. Killing enemies gives you gold medals which buy skills and other combat goodies, while the platinum medals you find give you in-game extras. The moves are flashy and usually funny to watch, it does suffer though from overly repetitive fights that can be discouraging.

lollipop-chainsaw-http://geeksmash.comTo make things a little more cumbersome is the fact that more than a few boss fights are clunky and often harder than they should be only because it is not clear of how to combat them.

To help break up the sometimes bad combat, special cut scenes for massive zombie kills and a super mode that plays Toni Basil’s “Hey Micky”, makes the game entertaining. The Nick bonus, the “oh crap button”, suffers though by being clunky and not usually easy to use.

While the combat does suffer, the games high points are found in its story and extras.

The story features a series of jokes and one liners that should slowly lose luster, but one way or another always gets a laugh. The horror style references lace the game with usual stereotypes of an old perverted sensei to your Bruce Campbell look-alike father. Going further the game is extremely rude and vulgar every step of the way with lines from the class mates you save talking about what they will be using to masturbate with and bosses calling you every foul word possible.

Fan service is found in everywhere in the game due to countless panty shots, a stripper style attack, and the more than skimpy outfit. The game does know it’s over the top and makes fun of itself in the loading screens discouraging players to not look at Juliet in a dirty way.

The extras in the game are another fun aspect of the game as there are over 15+ plus outfits to collect that range from home style clothing to a high school of the dead outfit. To make the game more entertaining you can make your sound track to listen to while playing so you as the player can enjoy your game experience on your own terms.

The game is not perfect and is short with a first run through time of 6-8 hours. Overall I was personally pleased with the game and while I would have preferred another coat of polish for the combat and bosses, the game delivered on what it promised. A horror, hack and slash game, with plenty of jokes and fun to pass some time that is easily enjoyable.

By: Paul Cohen

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