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Minecraft – Over 7 million sold

A huge “Congratulations” goes out to the Swedish Indie Game Developer Mojang who just surpassed 7 million licenses of Minecraft Premium Edition sold on their site Wish them a congrats on Twitter!

For those that haven’t tried Minecraft, I highly recommend it! Gamers may think Skyrim is huge… But, Minecraft with its simple 8-bit graphics, is even more massive. There are deserts, swamps, forests, taigas, temperate zones, mountains, hills, jungles and much more. Depending on whether a Gamer chooses to play single or multi-player or creative versus survival mode, it can change the game play drastically from one of free play and creating things in a care-free environment, to digging a hole while starving because the zombies and skeletons are out to kill the player. There’s even a hardcore mode that offers only a single life with no respawn.

Minecraft is nothing short of exhilarating. Let me bring you on a short journey in what Minecraft is like:
I spawn on an open world and it appears sunny out. The sun moving ever slowly through the sky, going down, signaling the impending darkness. Clouds move overhead and I can’t see where the sky meets the horizon because of all the trees impeding my view. I check my inventory and realize I have nothing.

What to do? Dig some dirt with bare hands? Make a quick shelter? Can I make tools? I better do something because, when it’s night-time, the critters come out. But, where do I dig? There are so many trees! I can’t see any hills or mountains. It must be a very large forest I’m in.

After a few minutes of, seemingly, aimless wandering I stumble on a clearing. Cliffs off in the distance. I start hoofing it. I start feeling the hunger gnawing at my gut, but I muscle through it and reach the cliffs. There’s what appears to be a massive ocean next to them. However, that’s unimportant right now! Maybe once I have a fishing pole…?

It’s almost dusk. I must build that shelter. Start diggin’…

Damn! I hit some rock and it takes forever to get through with bare hands. I must go back and get some wood. Maybe wooden tools to dig will help?

I get to a tree and tear it to bits with my fists. What can I make with this? AHA! Wooden planks. What can I do with those? Can I turn those into sticks? Hmm… I could make a wooden sword to defend myself! I could also make a wooden pick axe… dig through that stone. But first I must build a crafting table out of the wooden planks before I can create weapons or tools.

As it is getting darker and darker I start creating a little niche in this cliff finally. I place the crafting table I built earlier and make some tools.

Great! Much easier to get through the rock. Wait…! Can I use the rock I picked up to make stone tools? Two sticks, three cobble blocks, VIOLA! Stone axes, stone picks and stone swords… I seem to be getting along nicely, but I must keep digging into the cliff…

Hey!! What’s that black stuff in the rock… Charcoal! Great! I take some sticks and some charcoal and make torches. Now I can light up my mud/rock hut in the cliff. At least it’ll keep the creatures away…

While I’m waiting for daytime to arrive, I keep digging… down, make steps… down, down, further down.

Crack! OMG… a massive cavern beneath! I can see a glint of some red ore and crystals down there. But, it must be like 300 feet down?!? How to get there?

Digging a stair case along the cavern wall, placing blocks carefully as I go. What’s that beige stuff in the rocks I just passed? The stone pick seems to make quick work of it… I bring it topside. The sun is finally coming out. I must have been down there for some time…?

Let’s build a furnace with some cobblestone. I want to see what this stuff is. Add some coal to the furnace. Drop in the beige rock. After a few seconds I see that it is iron. What should I build with it? Iron pickaxe? Maybe a helmet to keep me safe from the skeletons, zombies and other critters in the cavern so I can explore further?

First, I must get some food though. I think I saw some pigs off in the forest I came from… *ready my iron sword*

Minecraft is vast in what one can accomplish. Players have built 8-bit processors using circuits made out of  “redstone”. Some have recreated Notre Dame or built giant fantasy worlds that look like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Some of these worlds are accessible to players online through the multiplayer feature of Minecraft, some choose to do these things by themselves in single player and no one will have the same experience twice.

For those that have a creative or exploratory side, Minecraft is a must buy. It is available on the Xbox 360 and on mobile devices. However, they are just slightly different from the desktop computer versions and will not allow you to connect to multi-player games meant for desktop access. All of the versions, do however, offer a nice way to pass the time.

Minecraft is also very mod friendly. One can find texture packs that increase the resolution from a standard 8×8 to a whooping 512×512 or anything in-between. There are mod loading programs such as MCPatcher or ModLoader or other great mods like REI’s Minimap that shows you a dynamically updated map with multiple options and keeps track of waypoints.

One of the best things, in my opinion though, is that the developers are also in touch with the community through Twitter or their corporate site Don’t be surprised if you post a twitter question that you might actually get an answer…

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