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‘Tobuscus Adventures: The Game’ Indiegogo Campaign

Hello once again for the first time, Audience!

No, I’m not Toby Turner, but I do watch a lot of his videos. If you do too, welcome! If not, check him out. He’s got three channels on YouTube: his Lazy Vlog, his gaming channel and his Tobuscus videos. (Tobuscus is his YouTube name.) Now, I realize we’ve been doing a lot of Kickstarter articles lately. Tish just did one about “The Visitant,” a horror video game by Napoleon Dynamite.  I did one the other day about a fitness video game (that didn’t work out, sadly). So when I heard Toby was crowd-sourcing a new video game, I was excited. A) because I like him and the stuff he comes up with, and B) I like video games, but then I thought, “No, we’ve done too much Kickstarter stuff lately.” Then I saw the campaign is on Indiegogo and thought, “Awesome! Let’s do it.”

Since Toby also plays/does a lot of stuff with video games (his literal trailer for “Assassin’s Creed Revelation” even became a real commercial), he decided it’d be pretty fun if he made his own video game featuring his animated self. Thus, the idea for “Tobuscus Adventures: The Game” was born.


From left to right: Tobuscus, Zombie head, Gabuscus, Gryphon

The name comes from the Tobuscus Adventures videos that he does all the time. They’re animated shorts featuring him (Tobuscus) and his friend, Gabuscus. (It’s pronounced “GABE-uscus.”) Since they’re animated, Tobuscus plays a caricature of himself, basically a man-child with a short attention span, and they’re pretty funny. He’s gone to Dead Island, Canada, Starbucks, even stolen a Portal gun from Santa Claus. In his latest adventure (which also works as a way to get the word out about the game), Tobuscus and Gabuscus fight zombies accompanied by DING! noises. It’s pretty funny.


So the game will feature Toby as a wizard saving the days from zombies. (“If we raise enough money, Gabuscus might even help some too a little.”) Their goal is $240,000, and while that seems like a lot, it makes sense once Toby’s explained it. The game is animated and will have cutscenes, so obviously they have to pay the animators. They’re at $178,301 right now with 42 days left, and I’m thinking he’ll probably make it. Even if he doesn’t raise the whole amount by the time limit, it’s a flexible funding campaign, which means he’ll keep whatever money he raises.

Frankly, I’m pretty excited about this. Toby is a funny guy, and this game looks pretty cool. I’m know I’m going to donate. I am a little irked that the the minimum amount of money you have to donate to get access to the beta version before it comes out is $85 (or $125, the page is a little unclear on that), as I feel that should be one of the first donation tier rewards, but it’s not my campaign.

If you guys are fans of Tobuscus, what do you think of his game? Are you excited? Any other crowd-sourcing campaigns you think we should be aware of?


Bless your face. If you sneezed while reading this article, bless you. Peace off. BOOP!

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