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Top 5 Video Games that Changed Gaming Forever

Top 5 Video Games that Changed Gaming Forever


Although it doesn’t make this particular list we must give credit to Pong, because where would we be without it?  The ability to interact with other people in a digital world all started with this two dimensional arcade version of the wheel. All Hail Allan Alcorn (Pong Creator 1972)!

Throughout the short history of the video game, there have been more than a handful of creations that have revolutionized the industry in more ways than one.  Today we will cover what I deem to be the top 5 (In no particular order).

1.     Zork

One of the First interactive fiction games for computers, Zork brought the interactive fantasy novel to the computer age.  Now an extinct genre it was the most notable as the first text based game that recognized prepositions and conjunctions such as “hit your mama in the face with a battle axe” instead of just “hit your mama”.  It may not be impressive to the younger crowd who doesn’t remember MDL programming language when that’s all we had, but when this game was new it was good enough to merit a trilogy.
Zork was originally hacker slang for an unfinished program started at MIT.  They changed the name to Dungeon after it was completed.  Then after being served with a trademark violation notice from the original creators of Dungeons and Dragons (Tactical Studios Rules, Inc.) changed it back to Zork.

2.     Final Fantasy VII

Since the very first final fantasy the series has cultivated a following that could fill a stadium—twice.  The reason that this game was such an innovation was not just one or two iotas, but the entire conglomerate.  Every component of this gaming experience was pushed to new heights.  The story, music, graphics, and character building where beyond cutting edge for its era.  Most importantly the multiple engines and styles of Mini-games within the game as a whole kept you excited and interested (which was necessary because it took me 3 months to finish this game).
This was the title that really put Sony and it’s PlayStation on the map in the video game industry.  FFVII has to date sold over 10 million copies, and that just retail sales.  I have bought this game at least 3 times second hand…and now that I’m finished with this section I’m going to get on eBay look for a copy.

3.     The Sims

Personally, I don’t like a game that doesn’t have a goal but I have to give credit for what it did for the gaming industry (and my dating life).  One day in the year 2000 I was a “nerd” and the next day girls stopped looking down their nose at me when I said I like to play video games.  Electronic arts made the first game that anyone could play and no one could be better than anyone else at it.
You will find no levels, storyline, cast of characters or unit of measure for how good or bad you are at it.
It was an interactive digital dollhouse that had such an overwhelming success with female gamers (commonly called unicorns before The Sims release) that it spawned seven expansion packs and continues to drop sequels.
Just 2 years after its release The Sims became the number 1 selling PC game in History selling more than 16 million copies.  In 2009 electronic arts announced that the franchise has sold over 100 million copies worldwide of which almost 60% were sold to women.  So if you have a business idea the number one question to ask yourself is “Will my girlfriend/wife use this?”

4.     Everquest

Everquest not only changed the gaming industry but the social world at large.  It was the first game of its kind, the massively multiplayer online (MMO).  Giving you the opportunity to put yourself into idealized avatar and whisked off to a fantasy realm where you gain experience, master skills and duel other players via the internet.  Although Forbidden by the developers this was also the first instance of being able to sell in-game objects for real money (mostly through eBay).
I consider Everquest not only the first MMO, but also the first successful social network.  There were reports all over the US of people meeting and getting married inside the game.  You could rank the games success by the units sold or the dollars made by Sony’s 989 Studios; but I would rather mention that I cannot name another game that has released 18 expansions spanning over 11 years since its release.
The game was so addictive that it was banned from sales in the entire Territory of Brazil in 2008, the issuing judge gave the reason of “loss of moral virtue and heavy psychological conflicts because of the game quests”.

5.     Doom

Doom was the start of the never-ending 1st person shooter craze.  It actually placed the player inside games 360 degree world instead of just being an outside observer.  Yes, I am aware that Wolfenstein 3D came first but Doom was way ahead of the curve when it came to graphics and sounds (the gun actually sounded like a gun). In Wolfenstein you could pretty much expect the enemies to take two steps forward and two steps to the side, while the demons in Doom came at the player with a malevolent intelligence.  Of Course not to compare with the AI of today but in its prime this was a pretty intense experience.
If you love Halo, Call of Duty, or any of the Tom Clancy adaptations pay your homage to the grandfather of the frag!

So that’s my list, Geeks.  If you agree or disagree feel free to comment below, but if you disagree with me I will fling poo at your sister.

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