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10 Questions About ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4

Luckily the development of this article wasn’t arrested, eh?

As Geek Smash recently reported, all 15 episodes of “Arrested Development” Season 4 are available on Netflix. I did an article on the trailer and what I thought might happen in this season, and Matt Frendo gave us some clips before the episodes were out. Turns out I was right about Michael finally going to Phoenix, but wrong about his spending any great amount of time there. I was glad to see, though, that the Bluth family is still up to their old tricks (and illusions), and that such good friends as Steve Holt, Barry Zuckercorn, Lucille 2, Sally Sitwell and Tony Wonder were back. There were some new faces, too, like Isla Fisher’s and Ron Howard’s (which made scenes in which he acted and narrated kinda odd).

If you haven’t seen Season 4 yet, I recommend that you do before reading any further. I watched all of the new episodes last week, and now I have lots of questions about them. I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody. (Read on at your own risk.)

Overall, I’m in two minds about this season. At first, I thought the narrative structure of going through the same events each episode from the perspective of different characters was very strange. I hadn’t seen anything like that before, and it’s rather bizarre, which distracted me a bit. Then it grew on me. While it remained strange, I came to enjoy seeing snippets of other characters in the background, and the knowledge that I’d get to see their side of this story soon enough. But by the end of the season, the novelty of the structure had worn off. I was tired of seeing these same events over and over. The season felt stagnant, as though nothing had really progressed–which is pretty interesting considering the show was supposed to give us access to the events from Lucille’s hijacking of the Queen Mary up to the Cinco de Cuatro festival.

And that ending…I’m not sure what that was all about, and that got me to thinking. I know there are lots of other “Arrested Development” fans out there, and they’re probably wondering about the same things I am. So I compiled a list of ten questions I had about Season 4 of “Arrested Development.” I hope, dear readers, you can help me come up with some answers to them.


1) What’s with de Rossi’s face?


For the first few episodes of this season, I couldn’t figure out why they’d gotten another actress to play Lindsay’s part. “And why are they still using de Rossi’s voice?” I thought. “The dubbing in this is just weird.” Then I did some research, and imagine my surprise when I learned that Portia de Rossi is the actress playing Lindsay Bluth/Funke. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they’d gotten somebody related to Calista Flockhart for the role, but no, that’s de Rossi.

I’ve heard a number of different theories as to de Rossi’s altered appearance, everything from a tighter hairdo that pulls her face back to plastic surgery. One theory combined the two, saying that while de Rossi hadn’t had plastic surgery, the show was implying that Lindsay had. After all, we know from the first three seasons (and from the episode, “Red Hairing“) that Lindsay had a nose job in high school. Sally Sitwell even calls her out on it in her run for student council.

So, if anyone has any real data on de Rossi’s new face, I’d appreciate hearing about it.


2) Who messed up G.O.B’s trick?


First off, it wasn’t until this season that I actually found out G.O.B’s name is George Oscar Bluth. I always thought he was named Gob, not G.O.B. But his name is an acronym, and that’s what it stands for. That being said, the point of this entry is not his name, but rather G.O.B.’s magic. In “Colony Collapse,” G.O.B. attempts to perform a magic tri…illusion before his wedding to Ann Veal. Unfortunately, the secret panel in his hut fails to open because it’s jammed shut. It isn’t until G.O.B. finds the hut on his father’s sweat lodge/money-making enterprise in the (Mexican) desert that our disgraced magician learns that the panel didn’t open because it was wedged shut.

By a small golden cross.

So who sealed it shut? G.O.B.’s guess is that Tony Wonder did it, thinking the cross is a “T,” which stands for Tony. (He’s not a very religious person.) Since Tony is already G.O.B.’s rival, the assertion seems sound. Not only does G.O.B. think Tony messed up his trick because of its shape, but also because he did something similar (he thought). If you’ll recall, Marky Bark was planning to glitter bomb Herbert Love in “Red Hairing.” That’s the podium that G.O.B. sabotaged, thinking it was Tony Wonder hiding in there. So G.O.B. thinks the cross was Tony’s revenge. (Though Michael points out the timelines don’t match up.) So if Wonder didn’t put it there, who did?

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