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Why I Fell In Love With Dr. Who

The Girl Who Waited and Finally Watched Dr. Who

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t always been a Dr. Who fan. The first episode I watched starred David Tenant as the famous Doctor, with Rose as his companion. In order to save themselves and their new friends from impending destruction, courtesy of the black hole they were orbiting, the infamous Doctor threw himself into the astral waste-dump. Once inside, he encountered the devil himself, a monster created with what I considered to be horrible CGI. After that scene, I was immediately turned off to the franchise, despite my desire for a TARDIS. I mean, who wouldn’t want a TARDIS? I’d gladly take one, even if it meant fighting off those annoying hoards of Daleks who refuse to be exterminated!

After a year or so, Netflix graciously added Dr. Who to their instant queue. Despite being one of those people who are wary of overly-hyped television shows and movies, I was home with a fever and decided to give the series another try. Upon watching the first season, I was hooked; I became a Whovian to the core. My aversion to cheesy CGI was overtaken by the series’ premise, characters, and most of all, it’s monsters (nightmares about the Weeping Angels? Check).

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My dedication to the show grew deeper with Season 5’s introduction of the goofy, yet charming, Matt Smith, the newest Doctor in the franchise. The new Doctor and his posse of friends, including the characters of Amelia Pond, Rory and River Song are, in my humble opinion, the most interesting to date. Their storyline is full of more twists than a M. Night Shyamalan film. If you have yet to watch Season 5 of Dr. Who, I must warn you that there will be *spoiler*s ahead. Proceed with caution.

Upon watching the latest Doctor struggle to climb out of his recently crashed TARDIS, I instantly fell in love with Matt Smith’s signature style. More importantly, I became enamored with the storyline and the numerous plot twists that make up Seasons 5 and 6. I’ve never been on the edge of my seat more during a series than I have during the last two seasons of Dr. Who. I have also now embraced the idea that bow ties and fezzes are, in fact, cool.

There’s something about Matt Smith’s acting that makes him instantly more likable than the previous Doctors – though I realize that others may disagree. Smith walks the fine line between compassion and duty, and walks it well. As Dr. Who, he’s faced with impossible situations, and it’s hard to disagree with the decisions he must make; after all, more often than not, the fate of the universe is in his hands. The Doctor would rather restore peace and stability to the universe over saving himself, which is apparent in the story line that begins with the episode, “The Impossible Astronaut.”

In the first episode of the fifth season of Dr. Who, “The Eleventh Hour,” I instantly empathized with Amy Pond, dubbed as the “the girl who waited.” The years between eating fish sticks with custard with her new friend and reuniting with a very late and completely unchanged Doctor must have been devastating; it’s no surprise that her childhood friends considered her a bit too obsessed with her “imaginary friend.” Not only do I dig Amy’s Scottish accent, quick wit and adorable attire (what can I say, I’m a female), but I find that her sense of reckless abandon and unbridled devotion make her the perfect companion for the latest Doctor.

Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Amy Pond, is always fantastic, but I believe her best acting thus far to be in the episode, “Vincent and the Doctor.” Call me a sap, but I cried at the end of the episode. There aren’t many television series these days that ignite such emotion within me, yet Dr. Who has done so numerous times. There was something so moving about the delicate way in which Amy handled Vincent Van Gogh that touched my heart. Her actions in the episode sum up Amy’s character perfectly: She’s strong-willed, but not so-much-so that she doesn’t deeply care for those whom she meets throughout her journeys. I feel a kinship with her character, and I imagine that a number of other female Whovians do as well.

More about the adventures of the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song in the next installment. If you can’t wait until then, I suggest you hop in your TARDIS.

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