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Alphas Review Season 2, Episode 5 "Gaslight"

Alphas Review Season 2, Episode 5 “Gaslight”

This weeks Alphas gives us a taste of powerful psychic capabilities an Alpha can have and shows every main characters incredible growth thus and their deepest fears. In this Alphas review we will cover the episode, “Gaslight”.

(spoilers below)

With Nina starting back up with the team and not going to jail, her life is now more like work release than a welcome back to the office. While I feel Dr. Rosen has his patients well-being considered, this episode he showed he is not above manipulating them and what makes them special for the greater good. Nina returns this episode after being out of control using her ability. Dr. Rosen has reestablished a link of trust between them then immediately asks her to use her ability on a senator to gain information. He does give her the choice, but could she really say no? Nina is back in the same spot she was in season one; wanting to improve but not knowing how, and doing the bidding of the man who could send her to jail if she missteps.

Alphas-Review-Gaslight-Season-2-Episode-5-http://geeksmash.comThis was not the greatest execution for a single episode, with many parts resembling a Japanese horror film. The show has done an excellent job here of balancing the alpha of the week format with interesting character growth and maintaining the season arc. The patient and his latent psychic ability was able to show us all of our main casts current weak spots. Hicks, at the beginning of the episode takes the worst emotional hit before the psychic event. His life before the team was in shambles and now trying to reconnect with his son, he sees he is already losing him. Naturally, the appearance of his son being harmed that drives him over the edge in the hospital. His hallucination was more brutal than any other team members. Bill is still in a euphoria from his regular trips to fight club. This is also the first episode where he’s revealed to any team member that he is still continuing to go. When things go wrong in the hospital, Bill is fighting the one thing he fears most: himself.

After Nina used her ability to humiliate Rachel last episode their relationship is icy. While Nina is willing to apologize, Rachel is unwilling to hear it. She feels exploited by someone she trusted. Yet Rachel isn’t as cold as  she is acting. While I was sure the psychic event would cause Rachel to see a parent or sibling, it was actually Nina she tried to save from drowning. At three episode in a row, Kat is now a recurring character. In the little time that could be stretched from the A and B stories we learned a more about Kat’s past and saw her distraught for the first time, breaking her normally cavalier persona. With Nina’s help she is able to reach back to a few single memories, simultaneously giving us more information about Kat and showing Nina’s ability is ever-expanding.

Gray was the anchor for this episode. His hallucination was the least physically traumatic and forced him to the catharsis he could not reach on his own. He wasn’t afraid of his vision of Anna, he was only afraid of losing her. In the end, it was Gary’s need to help Anna that resolved everything. In order to save his team he did what he had to, even though it meant letting go of her again. After imprisonment and behavioral modification implants, it just may have pushed him overboard. While I feel in episode concept it lacked in execution, this episode really allowed the characters to hit their stride. You spend the first season of a TV show establishing the characters and the world they life in. Season 2 is when everything gets bigger. After “Gaslight” I feel I have learned more about every character and their motivations than in any other single episode.

Geek Smash rating: 77/100

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