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American Dad! Review: "Love, AD Style"

“No, American Dad! isn’t great, but it has the sense of humor and wit of a show that should last awhile.”


It’s the final Sunday of September, and Fox has just premiered its Sunday night animation lineup of shows.  People tuned in for the inexplicably still running Simpsons and Family Guy, and caught a weird little show named Bob’s Burgers somewhere in the middle of all of it. But after the grueling half hour of Family Guy came to its end, another show came on, the younger, funnier brother of Family Guy, called American Dad! Making its first appearance on screen in 2005, American Dad! showed its audience that it was simply Seth McFarlane redoing Family Guy with different plots (barely), different characters (barely), and different voices (just kidding, they’re all basically the same). The show went on for a couple years, running behind the ever loved Family Guy and never truly catching up to its popularity. However, being forced to lay low on the radar might have been what saved American Dad! from devolving in the way its older brother had.

“The characters have not yet dumbed their way down into stupid two dimensional cardboard cutouts, doing the same thing in every episode.”

Sunday September 30 was Fox’s night of season premieres, and American Dad! held no differently. It started off its eighth season with the episode “Love, AD Style”, with Stan trying to sell his car over the Blue Book price and Roger slowly falling for Hayley. The episode begins with Francine and Stan car shopping when they come across a new Hummer model called the C.O.K. Guzzler (standing for Carbon, Oxygen, and Potassium, of course) which Stan of course, wants immediately. He finds his car’s Blue Book price is only at $10,000 when he needs a good $15,000 to buy the car he loves ever so much.  When the dealer won’t give him the price he wants, Stan decides to sell the car himself by use of a fair, an obvious choice. While Stan’s escapades with his car are forgotten, Roger finds the lounge he has in the attic of the Smith house is going under; he needs to find entertainment, and fast.  When all seems lost (for the thirty seconds it does) Roger hears beautiful singing coming through the vents of the house. He climbs through and finds Hayley’s voice is the one causing the weird mice to dance. After the first night of her singing, Roger falls in love and fires her in order to distance himself from her. Stan eventually fails to sell his car, having a show girl being mauled by a tiger crash it, Hayley’s boyfriend comes back from his role on the show Deadliest Catch. Roger kidnaps Hayley and keeps her tied to bedposts while naked.  Jeff comes in to save the day, but Roger strips him of his skin and wears it in order to make Hayley finally love him.  The plot is summed up quickly with Roger realizing he can’t have Hayley and giving Jeff his skin back.  Gruesome, yeah?


American Dad! doesn’t really do much wrong in terms of failed jokes.  Sure there are jokes that some won’t laugh at, however, it’s not because they fall short. The show doesn’t go for topical jokes and plots like South Park or Saturday Night Live, but rather focuses on character humor like Family Guy and The Simpsons.  However, American Dad! seems to do so in a way that Family Guy and The Simpsons lost long ago.  The characters have not yet dumbed their way down into stupid two dimensional cardboard cutouts, doing the same thing in every episode.  Yes, Stan is like Peter, Steve is like Chris, and Roger is (somewhat) like Brian, but they haven’t yet fallen into that rut those characters seem to be in, getting themselves caught in the same stupid conundrum every week.  No, American Dad! isn’t great, but it has the sense of humor and wit of a show that should last awhile.




Funny Moments:

-How did people get into Roger’s lounge if it’s in the Smith’s attic?

-Since when is Roger heterosexual?

– Roger: “I don’t like truthful emotions, they make me vomit”

-The John Lennon and Yoko Ono nod with Roger and Hayley

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