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Bob’s Burgers Review: "Ear-sy Rider"

“It’s clear that the mixture of weird animation, stupid voices, and terrible jokes are what make Bob’s Burgers worth checking out.”


 Bob’s Burgers is an interesting show. Upon first hearing of it, I thought it wouldn’t last more than a few episodes. The animation isn’t anything special, the voices don’t fit the characters, and the jokes are dryer than a thirsty turtle in the Sahara desert. The first couple episodes were nothing special, living up to the incredibly low expectations I had, however, as the show grew older and gained popularity, the writing and jokes matured into something decently humorous. Jon Benjamin is slowly becoming well recognized as a voice actor, being the voice of both Bob in Bob’s Burgers and Archer in Archer, and, of course, Home on Home Movies. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, after starting its third season, it’s clear that the mixture of weird animation, stupid voices, and terrible jokes are what make Bob’s Burgers worth checking out.

The season three opener of Bob’s Burgers finds Bob’s restaurant being visited by the “One Eye” biker gang. While the gang is tearing up the restaurant, the three kids, Gene, Louise, and Tina run into a teenager named Logan and his posse of non-talking friends. Logan proceeds to steal Louise’s bunny ears in the show’s most outgoing animation change, (yes, this is the most outgoing the animators are willing to go). The gang shows Bob gratitude for putting up with their shenanigans, and gives him a sticker to put in his window, protecting the restaurant from any other gangs. The next fifteen minutes of the show almost completely forgets about the bikers storyline and focuses on Louise being angry about her hat being gone/trying to get her hat back. Eventually, the biker gang is brought back into the plot by none other than Louise, getting them to somehow threaten Logan “Hat-Taker” McGee into giving Louise’s bunny ears back. During the climax, the token fat biker chick, Mudflap, finds out she’s going to have a child at that exact moment. Lucky for everyone Logan’s angry, doctor parents show up, and the baby is delivered and all is well in the Bob’s Burger universe.

Although the show has it’s humorous moments, many of the attempted jokes fall flat and barely get off of their feet.  On multiple occasions I found myself embarrassed for the writers and creators of the show in both execution and wording of the jokes.  Oftentimes the characters’ reactions to things—such as Louise’s reaction to losing her bunny ears—seem awkward and forced.  For every moment the show falls flat, however, it has a moment of redemption.  Its small quirky jokes are where the show shines the brightest.  Small, subtle jokes—like the lower half of the body being the horny half—are pulled off flawlessly because of the voice and execution of the characters.


It’s clear that Bob’s Burgers is the small, quirky show that could.  Although it could be due to the scheduling of its time between The Simpsons and Family Guy, I feel the humor and quirkiness of the show is what brought it past the first few rough episodes, and into its third season.

Funny Moments:

Logan: “Eat butt, coconut”  New insult?  I think so.

The gang leader telling the kids he got a patch for “Not being associated with the White Power movement”

Lower half=horny half

Gene: “Good, I’m a liar, not a fighter”

Thinking about what Gene did to his fish, and why he can’t have a dog.  Noodle incident anyone?

Tina: “My hands smell like onions, it’s nice”

Logan’s Dad: “No, you’re named after the dirty part of a truck”


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