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‘Bob’s Burgers’ Review: ‘Full Bars’

Although it wasn’t at all Treehouse of Horror-y (the characters just had a normal Halloween with costumes and trick-or-treating), Bob’s Burgers really pulled it off, proving itself the funniest of the four animated shows on Fox’s Sunday night lineup.


I don’t know what it is about them, but I will always love Halloween episodes of any show you throw at me. My love for them really started with The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” episodes. There was something about seeing the characters from a much beloved show do something completely different and out of the ordinary. This week, Bob’s Burgers took a dive into Halloween with the episode “Full Bars.” Although it wasn’t at all Treehouse of Horror-y (characters really just had a normal Halloween with no monsters or aliens), the show really pulled it off, and proved itself as the funniest of the four animated shows on Fox’s Sunday night lineup.

The episode started off with Teddy, Bob’s friend who is always at the restaurant (the one with the yolky voice) inviting Bob and Linda to his Halloween party. Teddy pokes fun at Facebook invites, asking Bob how he’s supposed to prepare a party with 42 “Maybes.” Bob almost doesn’t go, saying he needed to take the kids out trick-or-treating, but ends up being forced to go when Linda lets the kids trick or treat by themselves.

The kids go out trick-or-treating, in costume of course, with Tina going as a “Mommy Mummy,” Louise going as Edward Scissorhands—I would have expected something much weirder from her, but hey, it works—and Gene of course as Queen Latifah. Disappointed with the “candy” they were getting around town, they decide to take the ferry across to the rich person island, knowing they would get plenty of candy there. Once there, they meet two friends they latch on to and trick-or-treat with. The three kids are flabbergasted by the amount of candy they get, especially when they get full candy bars (those are the best to get, am I right?)

“While the hamster murder mystery is happening, the kids back on the island learn of “Hell Hunt”, when all of the teenagers come out and water balloon—or pee balloon, rather—all of the kids still out trick-or-treating.”

Back on the main land, Bob and Linda attend Teddy’s party, an orange and black party. Teddy had spray painted everything—yes everything—in his apartment orange and black, including his guinea pig. Bob showed up costume-less, forcing Teddy to choose a sumo wrestler costume for him—personally, I would have gone with Summer Frankenstein. Later in the party, Teddy’s guinea pig winds up dead, and Teddy feels his obligation as the owner to find out who the killer is.


While the hamster murder mystery is happening, the kids back on the island learn of “Hell Hunt”, when all of the teenagers come out and water balloon—or pee balloon, rather—all of the kids still out trick-or-treating. Louise wants to stay out, and ends up running into the teenagers, who haze the kids. The two kids that the original three met up with are taken away while Louise and gang try to head back home.

At the party, meanwhile, Linda notices orange fur on the back of Bob’s costume, and they come to the conclusion that Bob accidentally sat on the guinea pig, killing him. At the funeral for the rodent, Bob comes forward during his eulogy and tells Teddy he killed him accidentally. There’s little fallout for what Bob did, considering how upset Teddy was at the death of his friend.

When almost off the island, Tina stops and gets Louise and Gene to go back and save their new friends. At first, they don’t want to, but with Gene’s best line “Now my chocolate tastes like guilt!” they turn back to rescue the kids.

They coax the teenagers to go pool hopping/skinny dipping; making them think it’s the attractive girl they’re all in love with. They end up getting away and saving the night, only losing Gene’s candy in the process—Gene’s okay though, Louise lets him eat her wrappers.

The episode was incredibly funny throughout and showed that the show does have some potential. I also enjoyed the character development of Teddy. Although it became relevant that Bob’s only friend isn’t all there in the head, it was interesting to see who the person who’s always sitting at the restaurant is.


Thoughts and Quotes:

-This was easily Gene’s most quotable episode. Some of my favorites:

-“We’re born alone, we die alone, and in between, we trick-or-treat alone.”

-“I could drink from the puddles! I’m going to!”

-“I can pee on myself. I don’t need any handouts.”

-“If there’s one thing a wiener hates, it’s hot sauce.”

-Teens while heading off to skinny dip: “Get all of your farts out now before we get there.”

-Tina: “I’m a mommy mummy. And I’m single, and I’m working two jobs, and I’m just trying to get back out there.”

-Who am I being for Halloween this year? Summer Frankenstein, obviously.


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