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Brand New ‘Catching Fire’ Photos Being Released Via Twitter!

New “Catching Fire” photos unlocked via twitter!

As we all now know, the official trailer for the second movie in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, “Catching Fire,” will air during the MTV Movie Awards on April 14 (for our earlier article and a sneakpeek of the trailer, click here), and that Lionsgate has already been working on special features for the “Catching Fire” DVD release (for the earlier article on that, click here), and now the soon-to-be marketing frenzy continues. Lionsgate has introduced an intelligent social media marketing campaign, allowing fans to unlock new “Catching Fire” pictures twitter with the use of a simple hashtag. When fans use the #HungerGamesExplorer hashtag on twitter, they unlock new, never-seen photos of “Catching Fire.” To date, there are five new images that can be unlocked.

catching fire embrace

The first photo (above) features Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence, of “Silver Lining’s Playbook”) embracing her sister Prim (played by Willow Shields). Several other pictures are planned for release over the next few days, heightening anticipation for the “Catching Fire” trailer debut during the MTV Movie Awards.

The Hunger Games Explorer website was officially launched when the announcement of the trailer’s debut was made. Lionsgate is doing their best to create new viral (i.e. free) marketing campaigns to help promote the release of “Catching Fire” on November 22.

The official message on the Hunger Games Explorer site reads “Tweet #HungerGamesExplorer now to unlock photos and see ‘Catching Fire’ come to life.” Whether a fan of the “Hunger Games” or not, it must be said that it is a brilliant marketing ploy. Basically, the way it works is that five pictures are on the website, but are cloudy. The more people to use the hashtag #HungerGamesExplorer on twitter, the more the picture slowly becomes visible, pixel by pixel. This way, fans of the “Hunger Games” retweet and get their followers to use the hashtag, all to see the next picture. This adds to more exposure for the film, and more anticipation for the “Catching Fire” trailer debut and the film’s eventual release.

The big question, with all this hype, with “Catching Fire” be a big a hit as the original “Hunger Games?” Any thoughts?

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