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Break Media Announces Prototype: The Search For The Next Great Filmmaker

It could be you!

Recently, Break Media and New Regency Productions have announced Prototype: the search for the next great filmmaker, and this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for projects like this. How often have we heard that Hollywood is only focused on movies they know they can sell? As much as I love them, superhero movies are the norm only because they bring lots of people to the theaters, and the reason behind the past few years’ deluge of sequels is because Hollywood is frightened of doing anything new.

They’ve invested a lot of money into these films. If they fail, the studios are in trouble. But an industry without growth becomes stagnant, and nobody likes stagnant. (I mean, do you ever hear people say, “Awesome! A stagnant pond! Let’s go swimming,”? No, you don’t, or if you do, you shouldn’t hang out with those people anymore.) The point is, individual filmmakers are more likely to take risks, and it’s those risk-takers that eventually become the Steven Spielbergs and George Lucases of the world.

And that could be you.


That’s right, my friends. Head on over to Break Media’s Prototype website (note the capitalized “P”. Prototype  is the name of the contest, not the state of development for the site), and check it out. They’re looking for scripts for a 5-10 minute action, sci-fi or effects-driven short film as well as a treatment of how you’d do it as a feature-length movie. Eight entrants will be selected and given $20,000 to make their movie, which will then be seen by millions of people across Break Media’s various digital outlets. (Plus, you know, YouTube.) From those eight films, one will be chosen, and the filmmaker behind that movie will secure a deal with New Regency Productions (the folks behind “Fight Club” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“) to make their dream into a reality–a feature-length film.


Hopefully one with lasers/aliens/tender declarations of love on the beach punctuated by background explosions.

The contest is open now (so get your entries in, my filmmaking friends) and ends on August 31, 2013. Remember: to enter you need to submit a directing sample, a 5-10 min. script for your short film and a treatment on what you’d do if you could make it as a feature-length movie. The eight winners of the first round will be revealed this Fall with the grand prize winner to be announced in early 2014.

For more info, be sure to like Prototype on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @PrototypeFilm.


What do you think of the competition, fellow geeks? Anyone thinking of entering? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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