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‘Epic’ Movie Trailer And Speculation

“Epic” looks well named.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” dear readers, but I have, and I quite liked that movie. I realize the above trailer is not for “The Spiderwick Chronicles” but rather “Epic” (though that’d be pretty funny, huh? To do an entire article on the wrong movie?) However, I cannot help but draw some similarities between them.

For example, both involve a younger person whose older relative (in “TSC” it’s Arthur Spiderwick [though I’m not 100% sure he’s related to the kids], and in “Epic” it’s our main character’s father), who studies the fairy world. No one else believes in the older man’s findings, but the young people soon find themselves in a position of forced belief. (When your house gets encircled by snarling monsters/you get shrunk down to the size of Leafmen, belief comes pretty cheap). But enough about “TSC.” Let’s analyze “Epic.”

Voiced by Jason Sudekis, our heroine’s father has amassed a horde of findings about the fairy folk of the forest. (Alliteration: 10 pts!) But I’m thinking he hasn’t actually seen any of the fairies. (I keep calling them fairies, but I’m not sure that’s accurate. Until I have better information, I’m going to continue to do so.) Maybe a glimpse here or there, but a bunch of them ride hummingbirds, and those can be feathery blurs when they want to.


This is the most badass hummingbird I’ve ever seen.

The heroine (Amanda Seyfried) tells us that in the hidden world of the fairies, brave warriors (the Leafmen) watch over and protect us. I’m assuming that means whomever the Leafmen are fighting wouldn’t be satisfied with killing the good fairies. They’d come after the big folk, too, which is interesting.

Then the heroine is out in the forest when she sees something bright floating by. Grabbing it with both hands, the light flares, blinding her. When she opens them, she’s only a few inches tall and there are talking snails. (Sorry. Slugs.)

Amanda (I don’t know her character’s name, so I’m sticking with Amanda) gets taken back to the Leafmen’s base, getting filled in on all kinds of stuff. “Who are you people?” she asks. “We are the Leafmen,” replies Ronin, katana-wielding Leafmen captain (voiced by Colin Farrell). Then we find out who our film’s villain is.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Christoph Waltz in anything before, dear readers, (perhaps “Django Unchained” or “Inglourious Basterds“?) but he is amazing, and his voice is awesome. He plays this fella…


…and his plan is to destroy the forest (for some reason). He mentions something about “The Rot” at one point, which makes me think he’s an elemental representation of decay, which would work as a fantasy character. It all boils down the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the fairies (or Summer and Winter courts if you’re a Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden fan): Summer is all about growth and Winter is about death. Have too much of one or the other and it’s bad for everybody. (Though I doubt the movie is going to give us that level of sophistication. I’m thinking it’s going to pull a Disney “Hercules” and make the Hades of this movie the unequivocal bad guy.)

Now, I’m thinking Beyonce’s character is probably Queen of the Leafmen, and the flower bud she’s holding (since we keep seeing it throughout the trailer) looks important. Is it the glowing thing that shrunk Amanda? I’m going to say yes, and that it’s some potent artifact of growth that the Waltz’s Rot wants to destroy.

Prediction time! Amanda’s dad has always told her of the little people, but she never really believed him. Then she gets shrunk and finds out the stories are real. Because the thing that shrunk her (the pink flower bud) is really important, she gets taken back to the Leafmen base, but maybe the Queen isn’t there yet, because there needs to be some time while she gets acquainted with things. Meanwhile, we get Waltz’s plan to destroy the forest, a few battles, and the Queen arrives.


Wait. Where’s her glove?


Probably getting her the artifact/bud isn’t enough, there’s some kind of ritual involved (that allows time for Waltz’s Rot to steal the artifact, providing tension). Then Amanda gets it back, even though she is new to their world. The Queen performs the ritual, either ending the Rot forever, or temporarily keeping it at bay (the former is more likely if the movie goes for a simple good/evil dichotomy, the latter if it wants to be more complex). Also, Amanda’s dad is going to be searching for her this whole time, and once Amanda’s done helping out, she gets turned back to regular size (probably).

“Epic” doesn’t come to theaters until May 24, 2013, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see if I’m right.

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