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Grimm Review: "Quill" plus Watch Full Episode

Grimm Review: “Quill” plus Full Episode

Recap from Last Week:

Julliette has been awakened from a deep coma by the kiss of a Prince. Release from the hospital proves awkward, however, as she arrives home with someone she does not remember.  Everyone and everything familiar to her before the coma (including Monroe) remains in her memory, save for her relationship with Nick.

During work on a case dealing with his long-time school friend, who turns out to be a defector from a gang of Coyotl, Hank begins to comprehend the reason for his newfound power of ‘sight.’

Captain Renard is still investigating Catherine Schade’s death, trying to track down her daughter, Adalind.

“Grimm is the centuries-old surname of a long line of gifted and deadly Wesen hunters. Wesen are Werewolves, bear-like creatures, and other monsters. Through their historical record of  encounters with Wesen, the Grimms pass down the knowledge necessary to defeat them.”




Grimm is the centuries-old surname of a long line of gifted and deadly Wesen hunters. Wesen are Werewolves, bear-like creatures, and other monsters. Through their historical record of on encounters with Wesen, the Grimms pass down the knowledge necessary to defeat them.

Nick Burkhardt:

The last known male Grimm & heir to the responsibilities and talents of his family name.


Nick’s longtime girlfriend and love. She was never aware of Nick’s abilities.


Nick’s official investigative partner who can now also see certain Wesen. He is now learning Grimm history.

Captain Renard:

He is the Captain of Portland Police. Secretly he is Hexenbiest. He is also a member of “the families”, royalty of Wesen. He quietly protects Nick when he can. Nick is unaware of his Captain’s involvement or help as of yet.


A reformed Wieder Blutbad (or werewolf):  Fighting his inner urges, he helps Nick solve cases behind-the-scenes when they involve the Wesen world and is now one of Nick’s best friends. His quick wit brings some welcome comic relief to an often intense storyline.


A female Fuchsbau (or fox-like creature) She has helped Nick and Monroe on several occasions with her apothecary skills. She seems to challenge Monroe’s shyness, creating definite chemistry that is blatant and awkward and absolute fun to watch!

Sargent Wu:

A fellow policeman in the same unit as Nick and Hank. He also, with his sarcasm & dry humor is another comic-relief amid the serious scenes and dramatic moments.

 Grimm Review: “Quill”

***** Spoiler Alert*****

As the episode begins, a local Park Ranger is rear-ended at a stop sign. As the ranger looks up, he sees the man who hit him in his rear-view mirror, his head on the steering wheel. The ranger gets out of his truck to try and assist the man in any way he can. The unknown man steps out angry, bloodied, and with some sort of rash. He lunges at the ranger. The ranger, tells him to stop. The guy doesn’t understand, and he changes for a split second into a porcupine-like creature, stabbing the ranger through the hands. The stranger crashes through a glass door, and runs up the stairs. The ranger calls for help.

In the next scene, Nick and Hank are sharing a meal at a diner, discussing everything “Grimm” related. Nick isn’t sure how Hank can see Wesen, or why he only sees certain ones. He also informs him of Aunt Marie’s trailer and all the treasures (books, weapons, etc.) inside. Then Nick and Hank are called to the scene of the hit and run. When they arrive, they go with Sgt. Wu go to investigate the building with shattered glass. They hear something upstairs. They find there is blood everywhere in the building, though it is supposedly empty.

Wu goes to call back-up, while Hank and Nick go into a room where the stranger is. The stranger is now more rash-ridden than he was before.  Provoked, he changes into a Reinigen (rat-like Wesen), throws a filing cabinet at Hank and charges. Guns drawn, they are forced to bring him down. Inspecting the body reveals puncture wounds in his hand.

Nick and Hank go to speak with the Park Ranger. He relays the attack as it happened. He mentions nothing unusual occurring besides the rash.

The ranger heads over to a female officer to get the report for his insurance.  He surprisingly uses the opportunity to ‘hit on’ the officer, but gets turned down. Though we haven’t seen this character much, his actions seem curious.

Back at the station, Capt. Renard gets a call from an inside source that “The Families” have sent another hit-man for the precious Grimm key. Renard finds out what flight the hit man is coming in on, and sends an officer to scout him out at the airport.

Back at Monroe’s house, Nick heads over to tell Monroe that Hank now knows about Wesen, Grimms, and everything else. Monroe tells Nick that Juliette called him earlier, asking him how her and Nick were as a couple and how she is trying to remember their history.

Nick looks heartbroken. Monroe apologizes for telling him; but, Nick assures him all is well.

Juliette starts to have flashbacks that involve Nick.

The action returns to Rosalee, (Anyone else notice they move around a lot in this episode?), as she comes into her shop to find herbs spilled on the floor and a giant hole in her pet cat’s cage that would be described with a “POW!” caption in a comic book .

Hearing a growl, she looks up to see the cat on the ceiling. She turns to walk away slowly, the cat drops and stalks her slowly and forces Rosalee to finally sprint towards the shop door. She swings it open against her for protection, and the cat runs past and out of the shop. Seconds after shutting the door, Monroe appears behind the door and knocks, startling Rosalee.

She ushers him in quickly, telling him what happened. After a comical cat yowl outside, they decide to stay inside and clean up the shop. Monroe agrees to help Rosalee if she agrees to take a break and have a picnic with him. Of course, she agrees.

At the station Capt. Renard is informed that only two of three passengers arriving from Rome are accounted for.  Not thirty minutes after that plane landed, a cab and its driver were reported missing. Renard watches for them, and notifies Nick and Hank.

Hank sticks around the station while Nick goes to the Grimm Diary to find out more about this strange rash. Nick finds it’s an Old World disease in layman’s terms is called “The Yellow Plague.”


Sgt. Wu finds Stanley’s (the now deceased Reinigen) address; he goes to check it out. Stanley’s home, Sgt. Wu enters the premises. Finding the house in shambles, he heads in. He calls out to Stanley’s wife repeatedly with no response. Suddenly someone is behind him! He turns to face Stanley’s wife. He aims his gun as she charges. Then he shoots her as she’s falling on top of him, her knife and screwdriver barely missing his head. Wu calls for back up.

At the park, as Monroe and Rosalee are having a quaint picnic, leaning in for their first kiss when the Ranger (now infected with The Rash) charges at Monroe and Rosalee as they run and barely make it to their car in time. The ranger continues to chase them in the car until he no longer can run.

Later, Juliette calls an old friend to thank his wife for a quilt she made her awhile back. Not realizing Juliette has been in a hospital with a coma, he begins talking about Nick being a Grimm. Juliette begins to wonder what the heck has happened.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene of Stanley’s home. After talking to Sgt. Wu, they go inside to see Stanley’s wife covered in the same rash as Stanley was. Nick spots a report about an infected pig with the same disease Stanley’s wife was working on, probably the cause of the outbreak.

They leave and decide to check up on the Ranger. Just then they get a call about the Ranger in the park. The hit man is leisurely leaning against his stolen cab, watching as they drive off. He gets in the car and follows.

Arriving back at her shop, Rosalee starts to get very playful and flirty with Monroe. Hesitant and awkward at first, Monroe begins to give in. Just as things begins to get heated, Nick calls to ask Monroe some details about the plague. This does not slow Rosalee down one bit. Monroe (rather annoyed at this point, Nick talking in one ear and Rosalee slobbering all over him, literally…) tries to tell him it’s not a good time, but as Nick persists Monroe tells him that the plague is subtle at first, having somewhat of an aphrodisiac (love drug effect) in stage one, then a sudden rash will appear, and later, induces insanity. It is especially hard on Wesen.

Nick asks Monroe if there’s a cure. Monroe asks Rosalee, who is now sensuously biting and licking Monroe’s hand. She says yes, and continues unfazed by the conversation. When the doorbell rings, Monroe begins to really look at her. He finds that her neck has been scratched. The plague in her quickly spreads into a rash. He calms her down enough to explain the cure to him. Then he lays her down, and goes to make it.

“The episode nearly ends on a peaceful note when we see, peering down on them through the sky-light, some sort of horse-like creature.  It is the hit-man, fully changed.”

As Monroe is mixing everything up, Nick and Hank come in dragging the Forest Ranger, who is looking worse than ever. Hank holds him down, as they hear a crash. Rosalee has escaped through the window! Nick goes after her. Rosalee “changes’ and runs at Nick, scissors in her hands. Nick’s Grimm reflexes kick in, allowing him to disarm and knock her out without hurting her too much. When Nick brings Rosalee in, Monroe has just given part of the cure to the Ranger. Nick lays Rosalee down. Monroe gives her the rest of the cure. A few hours later, the Ranger is clearing up. Rosalee wakes up and calls for Monroe. Monroe goes and sits beside her. She thanks him for saving her life. He meekly says it’s nothing, that it wasn’t all him, Nick was here to help too. After a few more flirty lines, it is established that Monroe and Rosalee are now definitely a ‘couple’.

The episode nearly ends on a peaceful note when we see, peering down on them through the sky-light, some sort of horse-like creature.  It is the hit-man, fully changed.

And that’s Grimm Season 2 Episode 3! Leave a comment below. Let me know what  you liked or disliked about on this episode. For more info on Grimm, head over to the show’s website. Also, starting September 28th, Grimm will move to Friday.

FULL EPISODE: “Quill” Courtesy of NBC.

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