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Have You Seen ‘The Walking Dead’ Survival Machine?

Yet another reason I wish I’d been at Comic Con…

San Diego Comic Con might be over, but we’re going to be talking about it for quite a while. All kinds of cool stuff went down over the course of the con, and one of said cool things was the unveiling of “The Walking Dead” Survival Machine, a vehicle hand-crafted to withstand any zombie apocalypse that might come your way. Now, I’m no car guy, but zombies always float my boat (which I use to then escape those zombies–everybody knows the undead can’t swim for crap) so let’s take a closer look at this thing, shall we?

First off, guns. We’ve got a nice big turret on the top…


Manned here by Robert Kirkman, creator of “the Walking Dead.”

…as well as two smaller guns mounted on the front of the vehicle.



These puppies. (Warning: Not actual puppies. Do not allow to lick face.)

Truth be told, I’m not 100% what the rest of the car’s modifications do/are supposed to do. I mean, firstly, the hood turrets don’t seem like they’d be much use in a situation where you’re actually driving the vehicle, unlike the back one. Even if the car was stopped and you were trying to hold off an oncoming wave of zombies, how are you supposed to fire these weapons comfortably? Can you take them off the hood? I suppose that would be useful…unless you’ve driven over a zombie (which, let’s face it, all of us would try at least once if the apocalypse happened tomorrow), and then wouldn’t a few hundred pounds of former human mess up the weapons a little?

I think there should be some sort of mechanical linkage (since electronics wouldn’t be very reliable After The End) allowing the driver or passenger to shoot the guns from inside the vehicle. It’d be like the Batmobile, and anything that makes you more like Batman instantly increases your survival chances in any given scenario.


A better look at the vehicle (and Kirkman).

As for the hood’s sandbags, I can see those as something that would do well to protect the valuable engine inside, so those strike me as a wise precaution. I don’t know what the metal pole-thingies sticking out of the front bumper are, but they kinda look like those things in front of buses designed to keep kids away. That makes me think that what windshield wipers are to bugs on the glass, those are to undead monsters in my way.

The Survival Machine was created Galpin Auto Sports in collaboration with Hyundai, “The Walking Dead” and Future US, and was unveiled at the Future US booth at San Diego Comic Con. Tekzilla‘s Veronica Belmont hosted the event.

What do you think of this apocalypse-proof vehicle, fellow zombie geeks? Anyone seen something better? (Perhaps your saw this one in person at Comic Con?) Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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