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Review: Alphas Season 2 Episode 10 – Life after Death

Alphas Season 2 Episode 10 – “Life after Death” Review

After the shocking death of Dani Rosen, the team is still reeling and struggles to move forward. Can Stanton Parish be stopped? Does the team have the will to go on?

(spoilers below)

Most of the team have made it back into the office, limping through their daily procedures and trying to figure out how to move forward. Dr. Rosen hasn’t returned to the office since, leaving Bill in charge of operations. Hicks is the most obviously distraught, having lost the woman he loves. His sorrow has given way to rage and he takes it out on everyone around him. When Nina offers support, Hicks begs her to push him to forget Dani, and erase their relationship from his mind. This is a moment we’ve seen before in comics, where the character suffered something so traumatic, they’d rather not know it ever happened. It took the death of someone close to the team for Clay and his NSA squad to finally take Stanton Parish seriously as a threat. In our “B” story, Gary has a baby dumped into his arms, in a moment that seems like it’s straight out of Family Guy. The woman who leaves the baby not only knows about Alphas, but also that Dr. Rosen is a specialist in them.

Rosen spends most of the episode embroiled in the bureaucracy of his daughter’s death. His main discussion of what happened is in the official government interview and record of events. He is clinical in his descriptions, pausing when upset but never showing a real emotional break down. It’s clear he blames himself entirely and no attempts to transfer are going to change that. When Rosen is describing Parish, at times he sounds like he could be describing himself. The only difference between the two of them is how far they are willing to escalate things. And after losing Dani, Dr. Rosen is closer than ever to the edge.


My biggest complaint of this episode are the scenes of Rachel’s relationship. They seem crammed in amidst everything else. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. Rachel gives into her’s by engaging in her first attempt at sexual contact with her boyfriend, John. There’s the awkwardness of the situation, the malaise afterwards, the bonding and trying again, and even the getting busted by a parent. It all seems very high school, but Rachel is still growing up in many ways. While I realize these scenes had to happen to show further growth of their relationship, they seemed out-of-place in an episode mainly dealing with the fallout of Dani Rosen’s death.

The parents who come to claim the abandoned child seem too perfect. Gary has bonded intensely with the child and we can infer it’s an alpha with a skin contact ability (similar to the mother in S1xE5 ‘Never let me go.’) The two sent to retrieve the child are double agents revealed by Bill and Nina in separate interrogations. Even after Nina and Bill get jumped and beaten by the “parents” the first time, they get right back up moments later to knock them out, and hand them over to authorities. This “b” story is important because this child was grown in a lab, signaling that there are clandestine science facilities trying to create their own Alphas. They weren’t affiliated with Parish or Red Flag, and so we have a small plot thread for next season starting here.


In going through Dani’s belongings, Dr. Rosen finally allows himself to grieve. Even though Hicks berates Dr. Rosen, he is just lashing out. Hicks breaks down and tells Rosen he blames himself. The two are resolute in their thirst for vengeance. They make a death pact, swearing that Stanton Parish will die for his crimes. Having two characters who are good people decide to kill their enemy is a huge step. It shows the impact of Dani’s death and the consequences of pushing people too far. I think that saddest moment in the entire episode is when Nina reveals to Rachel that Dani was holding her hand as she passed on. With Dani’s ability, everything she was feeling as she died transferred into Nina. While everyone else simply watched Dani’s last moments, Nina lived them. If it had been Hicks or Dr. Rosen, it might have driven them insane.

Three episodes remain in Season 2 and a cataclysmic ending is approaching. How many more people will have to die before Parish is brought to justice?

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