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Sons of Anarchy Review: "Andare Pescare"

“The scene with Otto was definitely the most beautiful scene ever produced that revolved around a man’s hand on his cock.”


The first thing I want to say in my Sons of Anarchy Review “Andare Pescare“, is, yeah, it was much slower paced than most of the episodes this season. But, frankly, that was needed. When things start to get crazier and crazier, you need a dynamic shift in emotion to balance it out. And that’s what last night’s episode was all about: emotion. Of course, it should also be said that a slower Sons of Anarchy episode still includes two violent murders, one explosion, and two masturbation scenes (one by the amazingly hot Maggie Siff…a director’s cut of that scene may be worthy of a DVD purchase alone).

For an extended episode, there’s surprisingly little to discuss. The plot took a backseat to character this time around, and it’s hard to discuss what’s happening internally as of yet, since much of it still has to fully play out. For instance, it’s obvious Tara had an emotional impact from her scene with Otto masturbating, shown later when she pleasures herself with Luann’s perfume. But I honestly don’t know what she’s really feeling yet. Was it some sort of empathetic sorrow, perhaps a throwback to her days when she was more a caregiver than mob boss? Was it a yearning for deep love in general? Was it some kind of emotion starting for Otto himself? Am I looking too much into this, and maybe she just wanted to pleasure herself for fun? I honestly don’t know. It is setting up a really unique and interesting dynamic between the two though, which is great. And the scene with Otto was one of the more heartbreaking and beautiful scenes the show has produced. Definitely the most beautiful scene ever produced that revolved around a man’s hand on his cock.

“I love the inherent irony in this situation: Remember, it was Gemma had to drag Tara into the lifestyle, teaching her the ropes of violent living. And now that Gemma wants out, it’s Tara that’s forcing her to stay in.”

“Gemma was also deeply explored in this episode. It’s obvious that she has deep feelings for Nero, even going so far as to meet his son, which is tearing her apart emotionally as she may be forced to pick between him and her family. It’s also obvious that Tara is the boss-lady now, as Gemma came straight to her to make sure the deal was on the up and up, instead of relying on Jax to come through as promised. I love the inherent irony in this situation: if you remember, Gemma had to drag Tara into this lifestyle and teach her the ropes of violent living, when Tara didn’t want any real part of it. Now, Gemma wants to leave it, ans it’s Tara that’s forcing her to stay in. It’s a good shift of character, and an interesting dynamic. The Gemma situation also makes me wonder how it will all fit in with Clay. Clay already threatened Nero about being with Gemma, and now he’ll have an even bigger reason to hurt Nero if something happens between the two, as Clay thinks Gemma’s really with him again. I don’t see Gemma going to do this deed for Jax without a quick and clear exit strategy, but I don’t as of yet see what it could be.


The only real plot points that took place, as far as the far-reaching, serialized plot goes, revolved around Juice. Two things happened: Juice found out Clay was behind the break-ins, and Jax found out Juice was a rat. I don’t know how this can really play out. Frankly, I don’t know if they have enough guys left in the show to keep killing them off, which makes me think that something else may happen revolving Juice’s character. His knowledge of Clay’s misdeeds may save him. Or it may get him in deeper with Clay somehow. For a character who’s been in the background most of this season, an awful lot is happening around him.

“It’s like the melting pot of America represented by less-scummy versions of current big business leaders and politicians.”

Two more things of interest took place. For one, seeing Bobby talk to Clay alone made me think that maybe he’s not as anti-Clay as he’s come across recently. He’s also tired of killing his friends. I don’t know how this will affect the happenings, but it could very well be a slow start to him having Clay’s back somewhere down the road. They were very close, after all. And the second is the entering of the mob into the fray. I guess it makes sense given the criminal underworld the characters inhabit, but we’ve seen almost every big gang appear now. Along with the addition of the mob, we have the IRA, the cartel, the Mayans, the Asian gang (we’re they given a name? If so, I don’t remember), Darby’s peckerwoods, Zobel’s organized Aryans, the niners, Pope’s organized gang (which tend to control the Niners as well), and corrupt cops. It’s like the melting pot of America represented by less-scummy versions of current big business leaders and politicians. And yeah, I said less scummy. At least the people in the show are honest half the time.

Geek Smash rating: 94/100 Slower then most of this season’s episodes, but not in a bad way. Real depth of character, and scenes of beauty.


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