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Sons of Anarchy Review: "Orca Shrugged"

@SutterInk had promised fans the most disturbing sex scene he’s ever written…

Hmm. It’s kind of hard to be enthused to write a Sons of Anarchy review this week, mainly because it’s the first time in the season where I wasn’t all that enthused by the episode. Don’t get me wrong, even SoA at its worst is better than 99.9% of the other crap out there, but this week just didn’t grab me like it has the last few. That being said, there are still plenty of things going on that merit discussion.


First off, it was great to see Walton Goggins (from The Shield and Justified) enter the fold, even if it was in the most bizarre way possible. @SutterInk had promised fans the most disturbing sex scene he’s ever written, and that was definitely accomplished. Seeing Goggins enter with breasts was one of the stranger occurrences to take place this season. Tigs obviously enjoyed it, and it makes me wonder if we’ll see more of Goggins portraying a she-male this season. Sutter did remark on Twitter the other day that he shot a love scene with Tig for episode 13, which makes me think…


And let’s talk about Tig for a minute. Maybe I’m alone in this (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I kind of think they’re taking his character in the wrong direction. He started the show as the psychopath to fear, but then they did comedic bits with him that made the character almost a joke. I understand the need to round him out, but I’m not sure comedy was the way to do it (speaking mainly of the dog incident in Season 3). And for this season, he just saw his daughter burned in front of him a few weeks back, and saw his brother-in-arms beaten to death afterwards (which he was almost fully responsible for, given that he killed Opie’s wife, and then made the play against Pope that got Opie killed). He can be taken to a REALLY dark place now, and could be used to explore the darker points of an already twisted mind. But instead, they have someone take a bite out of his ass, and bring him back to nearly comedic dimensions. I can’t help but feel that they are missing out on something great by refusing to go down those dark alleyways of his mind to the fullest extent.

I’m still thinking Zobel is behind the home invasions

The Tara story is getting more interesting, as she is becoming highly complicated. Seems her desire to be a doctor is starting to conflict with her desire to be the club’s matriarch. Her smile when the doctor told her she might be able to perform surgery again was the first I remember seeing this season. The conflict makes sense, given that a doctor is a healer, while many of the club’s actions go in the other direction, that of destruction. It also seems like this inner turmoil is causing Tara to turn to Gemma again. At this point, I’m not entirely sure what Gemma’s intentions are, but I’m sure it boils down to power somewhere down the line.


I’m still thinking Zobel is behind the home invasions pulled off by Frankie Diamonds and the other Nomads. At the table, the Nomads are always trying to go in a warlike direction, and give arguments against the more peaceful solution Jax is working towards. It was also briefly mentioned that the town is blaming the club for the home invasions (something that will be escalated with the shooting of the Sheriff’s wife). This sounds just like what Zobel put the club through in Season 2: get the town to hate them, then make them go to war and do something stupid that will ruin them in the end. If Zobel bought the Nomad’s and offered them not only money, but to be in charge of the Charming chapter, it may just be a new play in the making. Still no idea what’s up with the birth and marriage certificate’s though…


Jax is playing the king role well now, being more level-headed and such. I remember, when the show first started, people complaining about the strut Jax had, saying it looked foolish and overcompensating. It was. And the character was overcompensating. But not anymore. That strut is gone, and the calm walk of a king took it’s place. This change was well shown when the Irish shot up one of their bikes. While Chib’s was pissed, Jax just took in stride and didn’t raise an eyebrow. In fact, he spent the whole episode putting the more peaceful solutions in place, a fact he was happy about…until the package at the end reminded him that no matter how far he’s gotten, his world is still engulfed in violence. A violence that may be coming back hard very soon…

Geek Smash Score: 85/100

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