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Sons of Anarchy Review: "Stolen Huffy"

“New Beginnings For The Club”


Ah, Tuesday’s. Dollar fish tacos and a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. Now if only we could add some good women and cheap booze to the mix (or cheap women and good booze, I’m not a picky guy), I could drift away into pure bliss…

And back to my Los Angeles studio, perpetually sitting in front of a laptop trying to put together a good intro for my latest Sons of Anarchy review of the newest episode in thecanon, “Stolen Huffy.“ First off, we all knew going in that there was no way this episode would hold a candle to last week’s mega-important series highlight. It’s just not possible. That being said, us @SutterInk fans got a good dose of pulpy melodrama mixed with some new beginnings for the club, all of which should lead to a disastrous train wreck sooner or later.

Let’s start with the club’s relationship to Nero. My first question is, what did Nero really do with the hooker he “put on a plane?” Did he really send her off? Is he hiding something more devious? I’m actually thinking he really sent her off this time. Mainly because this will lead to some real conflict when she comes back (and they always come back). After Jax made a deal with the bangers to kill her, they will be rightfully pissed when she comes back alive and well (on a related side note, how hardcore was it when they asked for her ‘tit’ to be cut off as evidence). And when that happens, what side will Nero be on? The Sons or the Bangers? Only time will tell.

“Seeing Jax bury his childhood picture with his friend, metaphorically burying his innocence at the same time, was well played.”

Then there was the deal between Nero and Jax. Looks like Jax is choosing to avoid from violence again, after seeing best friend Opie bludgeoned last week. I kind of feel like this might be the last gasp of his “good” side, and then one more tidal wave event will make him go completely the other way. Though, given Sutter’s track record with The Shield, it might actually be a slow turn to darkness done bit by bit, as opposed to a big event turn. I loved the stipulations for the deal: Jax keeps the gun business away from Nero, and Nero stays away from Gemma. We all know both of these will be broken, the only question being which will break first? My bet is that Nero breaks his side first, though I don’t think the other will be far behind.

The one thing I have no idea about is what the hell is going on with Tara? I get her transition to Gemma is still ongoing (another related side note, I love the way they changed Tara’s appearance from season 1, making her look less loving and more hard through hairstyle, clothes, etc…if you haven’t noticed, go back and check it out), but even with that in play, I was shocked at just how badly she beat that other woman. It’s clear that Gemma is pulling Tara back into her web, and the effects may by Jax’s downfall (it’s always a damn woman…). Notice that Tara wasn’t near Jax during Opie’s memorial, but standing alone to the side. That’s the position not of a loving girlfriend, but of the manipulative queen, a mantle she may be taking sooner or later. And with Juice having already been a rat, it may just be her who makes that final call into Jax’s ear when the truth comes out, letting history start to repeat itself yet again. I also foresee the baby issue with Wendy becoming bigger in the future, though I’m not sure to what extent. It’s obviously picking up steam though.


The symbolism during the final memorial for Opie was great. Seeing Jax bury his childhood picture with his friend, metaphorically burying his innocence at the same time, was well played. And, if there was any doubt, the look on Jax’s face after he closes the door to the hearse cemented the fact that after last week’s events, he is a changed man.

There were some excellent smaller scenes in the episode as well. I really liked the end of the chase scene. Just when I thought, “oh, another chase scene like the others” WHAM. Perfect. And I loved seeing Tig sticking up for Jax at the table. I can’t wait to see where they take that character. I do hope Winter Ave Zoli stays on the show as Lyla, in some respect. A great actress and gorgeous woman. Would hate to see her leave for good.

“It could possibly be something Nero is involved with, but my other guess would be Zobel.”

Let’s end by discussing the home invasions that have been an undercurrent all season long. It’s pretty obvious Pope isn’t behind it. It’s also pretty weird that they stole what looked to be a marriage and birth certificate last time we actually saw one take place. It could possibly be something Nero is involved with, but my other guess would be Zobel. He ran in Season 2, and hasn’t been seen since. He’s smart enough to go after those certificates if he can find an angle to use them, as opposed to an all out retaliatory strike. One thing is for sure: if he does come back, it will be at the absolute worst time for the club. Of that, I am certain.

GEEK rating 93/100 A tad bit slower than other episodes, but with enough new beginnings and dormant undercurrents to lay the groundwork for the rest of the season, if not series.

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