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The Oscars Turns Back On Geeks

This Year’s Oscar’s: Not One for the Geeks


With the end of the year a short four months away and February an even shorter six, there seems to be only one thing on everyone’s mind: the 85th annual Academy Awards… but not really.  However, with the year only just half over, people have already begun making their predictions of what film will win which award.  It’s odd reviewing the predictions of others, seeing how most are choosing Anna Karenina, Life of Pi, and Lincoln (films not only unreleased as of yet, but some not even out of production) as their Picture of the year.  There are only two films already released that seem to dominate the prediction list: Moonrise Kingdom and Beasts of the Southern Wild, and these exist merely as alternates, not the stand above picks.

In years past, prediction lists (as well as the actual nominations) seemed to be riddled with interesting picks.  Interesting, that is, for those avid movie-goers and film critics, who look at the structure and story of a film, rather than how much enjoyment they received from it.  However for those who consider themselves “geeks”, the picks seemed to be much more of an obvious choice.  I speak of the nomination of District 9 for the 2009 Academy Awards, and even stranger films, like the Coen Brothers’ oddity A Serious Man, nominated for Best Picture alongside District 9.  However, this year, the predictions seem to be of a much more serious nature, showing Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, and Life of Pi as the front-runners (a very literary list).  However, the most the geeks can hope for is Wes Anderson being the final winner to walk up on that stage for his quirkily wonderful Moonrise Kingdom and to see Quentin Tarantino in the small nominee box for Django Unchained.

There are bound to be name drops for Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, possibly as nominees for some of the more obscure awards that no one really seems to care too much about, such as Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects or Sound, however, one of the films winning an award as such seems farfetched.  The best us geeks can hope for are clips of Bane being the badass he was or Tony Stark eating Shwarma in the “Yearly Recap” video.

So the geeks will sit back and be disappointed by each Oscar winner, knowing that the Avengers, with it’s wonderful blend of action, superheroes, and comedy was miles better than the story of a boy sitting in a boat with tiger that is nothing but depressing. In previous years, it would have been recommended for one to switch over to the MTV Movie Awards to see their favorites (and obviously superior) movies to win something, however, that moment won’t come until the Twilight series is finally out of its lusty, pre-teen circulation.  (After Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Twilight: The Musical!  A play based on the movie based on the book based on a creepy wet dream.  Look out Tony’s, Kristen Stewart is here to ruin all of your days as well.)

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