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Top 10 Adventure Time Episodes

Top Ten Adventure Time Episodes


We here at GeekSmash are huge fans of Adventure Time. How could we not be? The story of the last human boy, Finn, and his magical dog Jake in a mystical world where the arcane powers of old have returned and around every corner is another dangerous journey. The show is just finishing up its fourth season on Cartoon Network, with fifth and sixth season in the works. Jeremy Shada (Finn) has grown up with the character. Watching from season 1 through season 4, Finn sounds like he is getting older. And Futurama fans are sure to love Adventure Time as well, with Jake being voiced by John Dimaggio (Bender.) 49 episodes have been released and here are our picks for top ten. Did we miss any? Sound off in the comment section!

10) The Enchiridion! (S1, episode 3a)

One of the very first heroes quest episodes, The Enchiridion sees Finn and Jake going after a magical guidebook. They face ridiculous trials including gnomes tormenting grannies, giants, and riddles. This episode is important because it shows that while Finn and Jake are the current heroes in the land of Ooo, they are far from the first.

9) Wizard (S1, episode 6a)

Finn and Jake’s first intro to magic training. This episode shows us how magic power is littered throughout the land and all you need is the right instructor. Though our heroes are suckered into joining, they quickly rise up the ranks and earn all the powers they can. And what other show would have their main characters eat a broom to control dust? No other show; Adventure Time manages to be a mash-up of so many things and yet still completely original. Though all the powers Finn and Jake gain are lost, we see their instructor in a later episode of Season 3, Wizard Battle.

8) Dungeon (S1, episode 10b)

This episode is one of the first that really feels like a video game. Finn dives head first into a dungeon without Jake, determined to prove he can reach the treasure without his aid. As we learn in this episode, not all treasure should be removed if it’s locked in a dungeon (sometimes a giant crystal diamond isn’t a prize, it’s a mystical prison) and that team work is always better than being headstrong and going solo. We also get a genuine character moment between Finn and Jake, when both end up trapped by not working together in the first place. Clancy Brown guests starts as the demonic cat monster, and the video game boss noise he makes when he first appears is the single moment that I knew I was now hooked on this show.

7) Chamber of Frozen Blades (s2, episode 6a)

Finn and Jake find a ninja manual in a ditch and become The Land of Ooo’s first ninja. This episode is a tribute to the old Wu Tang kung fu movies. It’s one of the first where we see our heroes take the offensive against their joke nemesis, The Ice King. This episode introduces Flambo, a tiny flame sprite with the voice of a newsie. We also get to see that perhaps the Ice King has more to him than just kidnapping and insanity. A final showdown puts Finn and Jake against the long thought extinct form of Ice Ninja. This episode makes the list simply because it’s a lot of fun, and shows that even with your enemies you’re sure to have something in common.

6) Morituri te Salutamus (s3 episode 1b)

Trapped in an arena forced to battle the ghosts of gladiators, Finn shows he is willing to do whatever it takes to rise to a challenge, and Jake shows his A.D.D. This episode shows what makes the Land of Ooo and Adventure Time writers dream. It begins with Finn and Jake just walking around the fields and coming across a decrepit colosseum.  They know it’s a trap, but go in anyway because they think it will just be too much fun to miss. Once they fight their way out, the whole structure is sucked into nothingness and disappears like it was never there. Boss defeated, level cleared.

5) Memory of a memory (S3, episode 2a)

This episode makes the list for its surreal nature, blending magic with memory. Finn and Jake overwhelmingly good, to a fault. They follow a mystery man to go help Marceline, the vampire queen.  They must  help her escape from the spell she has trapped herself in, and must enter her mind. Within Marceline’s memories we get more background on the world itself. The great mushroom war (which we see buildings and clouds in the background) is a reference to nuclear explosion and fall out. We get more back story on Marceline as a character as well, seeing her grow through memories spanning hundreds of years. And yes, the real reason the episode makes this list: Finn’s dancing baby song.

4) Wizard battle (S3, episode 4b)

Woo only Wizards allowed! Woo! Woo! Finn and Jake attend the annual event in the Land of Ooo, Wizard Battle. This is the first episode we get to see multiple styles of magic, a plethora of wizardy types, and a form of full kingdom competition. Most magic we see within is either elemental based or illusion based. When Finn learns that the prize is a kiss from Princess Bubblegum, he and Jake enter in disguise to defeat the Ice King. Featuring Maurice LaMarche as the voice of the Grand Master Wizard, who likes to turn complainers and quitters into cats. Finn and Jake come out on top by disgracing Wizard battle itself.

3) Fionna and Cake (S3, episode 5a)

This episode is truly unique among the series. It’s an entirely gender swapped, alternative dimension story. All the characters are not only a different gender, but different individuals. In this Alterna-Ooo, Fionna and Cake are the heroine’s out adventuring and rescuing Prince Bubblegum from the evil Ice Queen. Featuring a load of fantastic guest stars and possibly one of the creepiest, skin crawling endings yet.

2) Sons of Mars (S4, episode 8a)

A huge, galaxy spanning journey and a case of mistaken identity in this more recent episode. An homage to classic sci-fi like John Carter of Mars, Jake finds himself hauled to Martian court to answer for the crimes of the insipid Magic Man. In a previous episode, Magic Man was the big jerk who turned Finn into a foot. He is callous and uncaring and switches forms with Jake to save his own hide. This episode shows us highly evolved life on other planets, and is a call back to the original pilot where Finn meets Abraham Lincoln, the King of Mars.

1) BMO noire (S4, episode 9a)

Once again, showing that this show can do just about anything we have our very first BMO centric episode. When we switch to BMO’s Sam Spade like narration, the animation goes to black and white. BMO is the start of his own detective story and on the case in finding Finn’s missing sock. This episode also shows that though BMO is sentient, he might be a little crazy, making up stories and voices for living things and inanimate objects. Usually Finn fancies himself the detective, and I hope that thanks to this episode, in the future we can see a Finn/BMO sleuth story.

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