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Top 10 Vacation Destinations for Movie Geeks

Great Vacation Sites for Film Fans

Ah, yes. It’s that blissful time of year, again, where the weather is too hot to do anything and you’ve got all this free time to fill. Somehow, we’ve all mutually agreed that the “flames of despair” we call summer weather are more manageable when they’re met head-on somewhere hundreds of miles away from home, so let’s figure out just where it is you want to go.

Everyone likes movies, right? And most of us, despite our better judgment, love those little nuggets of reality that seep into our movies and let us see behind the curtain into a world that is ours, yet simultaneously belongs on the silver screen. Some of you might go ga-ga over costume pieces, some of you may spend your hard-earned cash picking up props that were once “totally in David Tenant’s hands,” or that were used by Russell Crowe to fake stab someone. So pack up your prop swords and your road atlas, because it’s time to visit some of the best destinations in the world for cinephiles. Whether it’s an iconic set-piece or a particular gathering of people, each of these cities/countries will tickle your film-fanatic fancy. I present to you, in no particular order, the top 10 vacation destinations for movie lovers.


#10 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Practicality: 5/10

Catered Fandom: Bond…James Bond


Okay, so maybe a trip to Jamaica isn’t the most unusual of places to start, but trust me. The Bond Freak in your life will love visiting this haven of Fleming-dom.  (They’ll also enjoy these comics from the Bond universe.) Not only can you see the house in which Sir Ian Fleming wrote many of his famed spy-novels (the lush and legendary Goldeneye Estate, a far cry from the drab Skyfall manor recently featured in the movie of the same name), you can also visit locales from a few of the early Bond films and novels. At the base of the Dunn River Falls, you’ll find the place where Sean Connery, along with many wide-eyed young men of the 1960s, fell treat to bewitching Ursula Andress in a near state of undress (that pun has some miles to it) in his Bond film debut, “Dr. No.” If that isn’t enough to convince you, the nearby airport is even named in honor of Sir Ian Fleming.

What makes this trip so great is that it features enough of the typical vacation fare to please both Bond devotees and the uninitiated alike. But of course, you care about the Bond. Let the rest of your family care about silly things like “memories” and “family time.” If Jamaica was beautiful enough to inspire Sir Ian Fleming to write his books, and even nab plenty of screen-time in the following movies, then surely you’ll love it just as well. Just hop on a plane or take a cruise down to the ganja coast and soak in the sights.


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