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Top 5 Marvel Movies We Want To See

Top Five Marvel Movies We Want To See

Characters from the Marvel Universe will be all over our film screens in the foreseeable future. 2013 is slated for the release of Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine; and, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men Days of Future Past, and Guardians of the Galaxy are in development for 2014 release. As we look ahead, here are our picks for what we’d like to see moving from development to pre-production.

1) Iron Fist / Heroes for Hire


He’s rich, his parents were killed tragically, and he was trained from childhood in the mystic martial-arts. With the power to channel his chi into strikes, Iron Fist could be a kung-fu action, superhero franchise. Danny Rand is Batman without the baggage. For a compelling story featuring his origin and the Iron Fist mythology, the Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction relaunch “The Last Iron Fist” story could make a great first film. Or, Act1 of the film could be the origin of Iron Fist, with the top of Act 2 being his arrival in New York. A Heroes for Hire film would give the chance to feature many great marvel characters who couldn’t anchor their own film; Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Collen Wing, and Shang-Chi with Iron Fist could make a great, street level super action movie. Who could you see playing the role of Iron Fist or Luke Cage? Sound off in our comments section.


2) The Punisher


To date the Punisher has been featured on the big screen three times. Each time has been underwhelming, and lacking the grit that a Punisher movie requires. A relaunch of the Punisher in the current Marvel movie universe is in order. An “R” rating would be a necessity. This should be a comic book movie for adults, not a toy selling film. A more violent mature story adapted from Garth Ennis’ Punisher Max would give it the real world feel the story would need. The Cell, or a story featuring Barracuda come to mind. You wouldn’t need to see any of the Avengers characters from the film. You could fill the background photos on newspapers and TV promo’s from the big fight at the end of The Avengers. Or, rather than a relaunch to give us another abysmal Daredevil movie, set DD in opposition to the Punisher’s goals, pitting the two of them against each other. David Lapham’s Means and Ends perhaps? And, if properly set up as part of the Marvel movie universe, we could see The Punisher as part of a Thunderbolts or Secret Avengers team movie down the line.
Who could you see playing the Punisher next? Who was your favorite so far and why? Let us know below.


3) Avengers Disassembled/New Avengers


The Avengers has been Marvel studios greatest cinematic success to date. With decades of Avengers stories, we really don’t know what they’ll choose for the second or third installment in the series. For the fourth movie, however, I would love to see a combination of Avengers Disassembled and the New Avengers first story arc. The entire first act could be dedicated to Wanda’s breakdown, the destruction of the mansion (tower?) and the death of Hawkeye. The second act could be the breakout of the raft and the gathering of the heroes we know with the new ones that join. The third act of the film could be the savage land story and Wolverine joining the team. All the plot threads could be included for a future “Secret Invasion” film as well. Of course, it will be a long wait and a big dream on this one. It couldn’t happen until the film rights for Spider-Man  expire for Sony and X-Men and Wolverine expire for 20th century fox. When all the characters get back under one roof, some exciting things could happen including my next selection:


4) Civil War


This movie could be the game changer for Marvel in the same way as The Avengers. As one of Marvel’s best-selling events of all time, it only makes sense that eventually it might get a chance as a film. It would have to be after all the characters revert to Marvel Studios ownership. It just encompasses too many Marvel mainstays to leave anyone out. If the right films are marketed and made in the years before this, most of the main characters will be established and already familiar to fans on-screen. The logistics of making such a large-scale movie with an enormous cast are troubling. Which is why I propose Marvel make the Civil War movie an animated film with Pixar (also owned by their parent company, Disney.) The actors synonymous with their roles could provide the voice work and some of the more troubling actions sequence and mass power usage would be easier to carry out in digital form. And with the beautiful films Pixar is capable of making, who wouldn’t want to see Marvel’s all-stars rendered by them in three-dimensional vibrant color?


5) The Winter Soldier


Captain America 2 is set to be the Winter Soldier story. Here’s hoping it’s a faithful adaptation of Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story, and not the silly, cartoonish affair Captain America:
The First Avenger was. Once the character is established, Bucky could helm his own Winter Solider film. The film could begin as a Cold War spy story with Bucky as the antagonist against Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos. Depending on when he defrosts next, the story could also include Howard Stark, Wolverine, and the Black Widow. Though based in the Marvel movie universe, I could see this being a strong spy movie filled with action and intrigue. Brubaker already did the impossible; he made Bucky totally cool. With the right lead up to the present, it could set the tone for him to take over as Captain America if the death of cap is included as an epilogue to a Civil War film.
Honorable Mentions: Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, Secret Invasion, House of M, Avengers: Kree vs Skrull War (possible Guardians of the Galaxy tie in?), Nova, The Infinity War

Are there any we missed? Any you want to see on screen more than these? Hit our comments section and share your thoughts!

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