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Top 5 Series That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

Top 5 Series That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

You are probably saying “what, only 5?” and your right there is a plethora of series that got trashed before they should’ve been.  However, this is my top 5.  You hear that? Mine!

I am well aware of ratings, shares, profitability and all the other reasons we are given why our favorite shows get canned, but just like taxes that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

No. 5: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This was an excellent crossover from a series of movies, and in some ways better than the movies.  It had very intriguing plots, a good mix of action and drama, not to mention two great (and smoking hot) female leads. Lena Heady (300) and Summer Glau (Firefly) hit a home run with their portrayals of Sarah Connor and a very unlikely Terminator.  The last episode was such a well wrote cliffhanger, that I would forgive Fox if they finished the series.

Two Seasons was all we got before they canned the series, and to be honest the blame lies more with us the viewers than with Fox.  The first episode had about 18 million or so viewers while the final episode barely cleared 5 million.  Shame on you geeks!

No. 4: My Name Is Earl

Although he has had several supporting roles where he did an excellent job, there is nothing Jason Lee has done or will do in the future that will make him anything other than Earl Hickey to me.

The rest of the cast was so top-notch in playing poor white trash I would have thought they were from my hometown.  Jamie Pressly’s character of Joy Turner (Earl’s ex-wife with two kids that aren’t his) was so spot-on as a redneck hottie she may have inadvertently typecast herself for any future roles (I would have much rather seen her play Daisy Duke than Jessica Simpson).  Ethan Suplee who played Earl’s dimwitted yet big-hearted brother would always bring the show back to funny whenever a serious moment ever reared its ugly head.

When I found out there would be no 5th season I almost lost it.  The last episode left us in such a cliff hanger it gave me nervous gas…or it could’ve just been my wife’s chili.

No. 3: Rome

All credit to Ciaran Hinds (Gaius Julius Caesar) and James Purefoy (Mark Antony) for their masterfully as always execution of their roles, But it was Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) and Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) who rightfully stole the glory in this series. Vorenus is a perfect  soldier who never is able to balance his personal and professional life which ends up making him a very dark and menacing character.  Titus Pullo starts as the complete opposite, a drunk, whore-mongering, screw-up who only cares about where his next drink and…uh companionship comes from. As most good stories do, the man characters stories are all tied together making this one engaging series.

In all Honestly the second season did make a drop in quality, but with all the harsh reviews im sure the writers would have made up for it in season 3.

No. 2:Deadwood

I’m not a really big fan of westerns via book or film, but from episode 1 this series had me hooked.  Even after it was cancelled after only 3 seasons I still bought the DVD set and watched it again and again.

David Milch (creator) did his homework before putting this together and it paid off.  I would go as far as saying of every western movie, show, or book this was probably the closest thing to realistic as you will find.  True there were some linguistic devices probably not found in the old west, but give this cast a gold star for making vulgarity so refined.

Ian McShane’s character of Al Swearengen (aka:Swegen) may not have been the only story in this series but he was undoubtedly the reason you kept watching.

No. 1: Firefly

Ok, you knew it was going be number one so keep you groans to yourself.  If the fact that Fox cancelled this show doesn’t upset you how about the fact that they purposely aired the episodes out-of-order so the audience wouldn’t be able to follow the character development or story.

This was a brilliant plot with lots of good character back stories although some were never explored.  Even if it dropped off after the first season it should have at least run three seasons so there weren’t so many unanswered questions.  Yeah, they made Serenity but that even left some unanswered questions I.E. the Shepard.

The cast of Firefly fell into their roles and meshed well with each other, the story was awesome and always had a great balance of humor and action, and the special effects where spot on.  Which leaves only one question…which Fox executive’s wife did Joss Whedon have relations with?

There is my list, and your gospel!

by Josh Douglas

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