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Five New Music Videos You Must Watch

Stop Whatever You’re Doing! Here Are Five Music Videos You Must Watch Right Now!

I’m pretty sure, based on my selection of videos before you that I have a penchant for weird situations, weirder creatures and dancing when it comes to music videos. With that said, viewers beware: You may have a hard time peeling your eyes away from the five intriguing videos below.

The Knife – “A Tooth For An Eye” (Dir. Roxy Farhat & Kakan Hermansson)

The first 40 seconds of this video features guys with rock-hard abs (and some without) and tattoos, shooting the breeze as they get ready in the locker-room. These images are not suggestive of men preparing to dance under the control and direction of small, tough looking, yet beautiful girl dressed as a sports official. However, that’s exactly what happens in this video for The Knife’s newest single from the upcoming LP, “Shaking the Habitual” (out Apr. 9, 2013), directed by Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson. That juxtaposition is exactly what the band was going for as made clear in their explanation of the video here.


Beach House – “Wishes” (Dir. Eric Wareheim)

Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks,” “Mad Men,” “Robocop”) looks eerily stoic as he lip-syncs Beach House’s quietly emotional dream pop tune, “Wishes.” There’s a lot of straight-up strange stuff going on in this video,which softly colored throughout in muted purple and gold. Some of the strangest moments feature elements such as horse masks, spirit fingers, face paint, glittering fireworks, a gallant white horse, nunchucks, men wearing basket-like contraptions filled with balls, twerking cheerleaders, and  martial arts. This sounds completely ridiculous in theory, and yet this video, which has all of those things, never borders on ridiculous or silly. It does the opposite, managing to evoke the same emotional gravity as if singer Victoria Legrand was onstage singing the tune herself. It’s stupidly gorgeous and makes your heart feel something beautiful in a completely nonsensical way.


Atoms For Peace – “Ingenue” (Dir. Garth Jennings)

Thom Yorke should just dance in every video he’s in. This video is undeniably reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” where the frontman danced joyously, albeit at times awkwardly, for five fantastically transfixing minutes. However, this time Yorke’s dancing is joined by a woman, his doppelganger, who matches his glitchy movements with subtle beauty. This video is pretty void of any color, set against a backdrop of a blank white screen, and black curtains, with both parties dressed in taupe suites, yet it’s stunning and fun to watch. The video really comes together toward the end where the choreography takes Yorke and his counterpart down to the floor, and they lay gently touching one another with sweet sweeping movements.


Bat for Lashes – “Lillies” (Dir. Peter Sluszka)

After watching this video, I can’t imagine it being taken in any other direction. Natasha Kahn, aka Bat For Lashes, is known for singing hauntingly dramatic and gorgeous songs and Director Peter Sluszka has dreamed up a whimsical world for Kahn’s single “Lillies.” It’s a world filled with life-sized monsters, encapsulated cottony cloud things, wings, skulls, polygons, a variety of creatures, and touches of steampunk. The puppet monsters are a lot like those seen in “Where The Wild Things Are;” which is fitting since this video is suggestive of the music videos the movie’s director Spike Jonze used to make. It’s all very otherworldly and when the image of a skull appears and Kahn sings ” Did I believe what I did see?/Did I believe what came to me?” you wonder if she dreamed it all up.


Disclosure – “White Noise” (Feat. AlunaGeorge) (Dir. Luke Monaghan)

Detroit has a rich musical history. They’ve given us MotownCREEM MagazineIggy Pop, some serious stadium rock, Eminem, a movie about Eminem, etc. Detroit is also the birthplace of techno music, a genre which has spawned countless sub-genres and spread all over the world, completely changing and influencing the soundscape of popular music today. Director Luke Monaghan pays homage to the city where it all started, using Detroit as the backdrop for Disclosure’s seriously soulful (thanks to vocals supplied by AlunaGeorgeUK Garage-house track. This video follows a security guard grooving his way through grimy streets and dilapidated buildings throughout the city. The vacant building where the guard gets down with his flashlight brings to mind the legendary warehouse parties that took place in Detroit during the 80’s. Perhaps the ghosts of ravers past inspired his movement.

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