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Samsung Galaxy Note II: What’s Coming

Galaxy Note 2 2
Galaxy Note 2 2

Samsung Galaxy Note II: What’s Coming

“…one of the first devices on shelves preloaded with Google’s latest and greatest OS.”

With this new model, Samsung has revamped every single aspect of the device. The Galaxy Note II gets a new 5.5-inch HD Super Amoled Display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The new handset will also come with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor. However, we are unsure if the US version will ship with this particular chip as the last few phones have been shipping to the states with a dual-core processor Just about a week ago on August 29th, Samsung unveiled its successor to last year’s hit, the Galaxy Note. Unsurprisingly dubbed the Galaxy Note II, Samsung has taken its game-changing phablet (phone-tablet) and cranked it up a few notches. So what’s the big deal? Stay tuned to find out.

Samsung has redesigned the S-Pen with much more features than were possible before, but we’ll go over those in a few moments.

You’ll also see a beefed up 3100mAh battery that should very well power you through those long days. This is a pretty good jump from its predecessor’s 2500mAh battery, so make sure to give Samsung a nice pat on the back if you see them. To top off the specs sheet here, Samsung will be shipping this bad boy with Android 4.1 Jellybean on board. This is huge, as it will be one of the first devices on shelves preloaded with Google’s latest and greatest OS.

Galaxy Note 2

New Features

Samsung is introducing quite a few new features with the Galaxy Note II. Air View allows you to hover the new S-Pen over a folder in the photo gallery and the photos expand for your viewing without having to actually open the folder itself. Popup Note is a new feature that allows you to double-click the S-Pen while in a phone call and up comes a little notepad you can use to jot down a phone number or directions to a concert that night. Easy Clip allows you to click, select, or cut something right out of a page and send it to someone via email or message, anything from plain text to a new watch you’re thinking about buying.

The last feature I want to mention is Photo Note. This is my favorite because it’s so old schoolish. Photo Note allows you to write something on the back of your photos to capture the moment, just like you used to do with your Polaroids! In addition to all of these sweet new features, Samsung has added several colors and templates to the S-Pen apps to allow for more creativity and customization.


We don’t have a lot of specifics, but Moleskin has partnered with Samsung to introduce its Android version of their popular notes application. The app will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note II for about 6 months. We weren’t there to see it for ourselves, but it looks pretty slick and only time will tell if it’s the feature that anchors you into buying the newest Galaxy Note.


Samsung may have knocked another handset out of the park this time. The Galaxy Note II is a heavy hitter in a phablet market with no immediate competition. Let us know if the Galaxy Note II falls short of your dreams, otherwise start saving that change for the late-year release in the states.

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