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How Eva Restaurant Rewards for Common Courtesy

How a Restaurant Began Rewarding People for Basic Courtesy

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Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles has offered an economic incentive to enjoy your meal and talk to the person you’re with. They are offering all of their customers a 5% discount on their bill if they turn in their cell phone at the door.

The reasoning behind the offer is not simply the convenience and comfort of the other guests, but rather a genuine attempt to have people “connect again.”

The LA restaurant is not the first to bring up the problems with cell phones at dinner. Several restaurants have outright banned phone use during meals, while a Vermont deli imposed a $3 surcharge on customers who place their order while on a call. Eva is possibly the first to actually reward its patrons for making the choice to sit down, enjoy their meal, and actually talk to the person sitting in front of them.

Public reaction to the offer has been mostly positive.  Eve’s owner estimates that 40 to 50% of the restaurant’s patrons have taken advantage of the offer, many of whom have stated that it was a refreshing change of pace to eat a meal without checking their text messages, email, or stock options.

Personally, I’d love to see variants of this policy in place at all sorts of places, from grocery stores to coffee shops. Knowing the man ahead of me in line could have saved a few bucks instead of wasting everyone’s time chatting with his friend about where to get burritos while conspicuously not pulling out his wallet would alleviate rather a lot of annoyances in my life.

What are your opinions?  Would you give up some of the conveniences of modern life for a few hours for a few bucks, or would giving up your phone actually hinder your enjoyment of the meal?  Comments below.

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