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5 Awesome Apps for Geeks

As geeks, we delight in building our brains, showing our smarts and immersing ourselves in the topics we love most. Many app creators make accomplishing the last of these tasks easier with geek-approved applications. By downloading these apps, you can easily engage in one of our favorite hobbies: being nerdy. If you’re a card-carrying geek, try out one of these apps on your tablet the next time you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re a smartphone owner, explore the apps anywhere. Owners of T-Mobile cell phones in particular can geek out to the max if they have the company’s new unlimited data plan, making their exploration of all things cerebral as affordable as it is satisfying. (Sadly, I have but the humble iPhone, so I don’t have that plan.)


1. Comics App


This app, created by comic powerhouse Comixology, offers you easy access to your favorite reading materials. It provides access to more than 20,000 comic books, (including 600 free ones) allowing you to binge on all sorts of awesome stories. App users can even access comic books they have purchased on the app. This handy feature will allow you to keep the actual comic safely tucked away and explore it digitally. (Nothing worse than having an awesome comic you’re too afraid to read because it might get ruined.)


2. Star Trek PADD


Are you accessing “Star Trek” content digitally? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on a wealth of engaging information (and doing a poor job of fulfilling your nerdly duties). This app, according to CIO, includes information on everything from cast members to ships and on-show technologies. To truly get your Trek on, peruse the app while watching an episode of the show. (If only it had a “beam me up” option.)


3. Internet Movie Database


If you subsist on a regular diet of movies and you’re not satisfied with viewing the films alone; if you feel an unending compulsion to know everything about each film; if you ever get into an argument about who was in what movie before they “made it big,” the IMDb app will be your new best friend. This app allows you to search a movie—any movie, no matter how obscure—and access a wealth of information about it and its stars. (Also, if you happen to write articles about movies you’ve seen, you can take advantage of the user review feature and publish reviews.)


4. Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time


Immerse yourself in the world of “Doctor Who” and build your brain at the same time. In this maze game, you act as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond to keep the world safe from the Daleks. Addictive and engaging, this app will have you hooked, so you better hope you have that unlimited cell phone plan. (Also, if you’re a Doctor Who fan and you haven’t entered our giveaway yet, what are you waiting for?! Click this link to find out the rules.) Speaking of people who travel through time…

5. Time Circuits Widget


Who doesn’t love “Back to the Future”? I know I’ve often wished I could hitch a ride with Marty and the Doc in the DeLorean, and while I can’t do that, this app makes me feel a little better. An Android widget, the Time Circuit looks like the dashboard display from the movie, showing your current date and time as well as the Destination Time and Last Time Departed. While it doesn’t do anything special if you charge your phone with 1.21 gigawatts (and good thing, too, because phones do not like plutonium), it looks pretty neat.


Being geeky is easier than ever. With a wide array of apps at your fingertips, you can make yourself the most in-the-know person about your favorite nerdtacular topics. Load some of these apps onto your mobile device and get studying. If you don’t, you may be bested by some of your aspiring-geek friends. Have you tried any of these apps? Any suggestions for what apps we should look at next? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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