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Telepresence Robots from Double Robotics

Experience the World Without Leaving Your Home: Telepresence Robots, Courtesy of Double Robotics and Your iPad

Telepresence Robots?? Simply put, it’s the ability to be in one place without actually being there. Recent innovations in telepresence include familiar communication programs such as Skype. Some geeks may think it’s the next best thing since sliced-bread, while others may see it as an excuse to avoid social interaction. Regardless of opinion, the idea of a telepresence robot have become a reality. The California-based company, Double Robotics, has turned this fantasy into a reality. For a mere $1,999, their program called “Double” allows users to operate anywhere else in the world, from the comfort of their own home. These telepresence robots are glorified iPads on wheels, with all the functions that come with chatting with others using your tablet.


Double Robotic’s innovation is basically an iPad on wheel, complete with a battery-powered motor and iPad holder. Think of this device as a Segway with your face being broadcast where one’s head would be. This device isn’t a one-way deal, either. Not only can those using Double’s app see what is captured from the portable iPad’s camera, but they can use the app to communicate with others, including other telepresence robots. Not that they’d need to parch their thirst, but it would be possible for two of Double’s telepresence robot’s to exchange gossip by the water cooler, should they choose.

The company has ensured that their telepresence robots won’t get in the way of real-life workers, offering a simple design that allow for easy and free movement. Double Robotic’s design also allows for users to adjust their height of robots via the Double app, so that they can converse with co-workers or get a decent view of the entire office. While the idea may seem strange at first, with the influx of telepresence communication devices, a robot such as this seems like the next plausible step.

For companies or schools who frequently communicate with off-site workers, this invention could be a business-changing innovation. In addition for use by businesses and universities, individuals could use their telepresence robots for please by using the app to visit inaccessible museums and galleries. Many people may think that Double Robotic’s app is excessive and unnecessary, though I beg to differ. While the idea is great for iPad users who can’t afford to travel, I think the market is even bigger for handicap individuals who are unable to experience these locations.


What sets Double Robotic’s telepresence robot apart from the rest is its reasonable price, ranging from $2,499 to $1,999, depending on whether or not you pre-order the system. Interested individuals can play their orders today and expect their robots to arrive early 2013. While I’m fine with Double Robotic’s at-home application, I’m interested to see how things will play out at the other end; in other words, how will these telepresence robots be set up on the office or university end?

Fans of The Big Bang Theory should be familiar with the episode where Sheldon decides to forgo the real world in place of his self-made telepresence device. Here’s a great example of what exactly what Double Robotic’s telepresence robots will be capable.

Order your own telepresence robot today from Double Robotics.

– By Julie Tutwiler

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