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Great iPad Apps and (Affordable) Accessories

Great iPad Apps and Accessories

I may rely on Jarvis, my beloved iPad, a bit too much. If he could walk on wheels, I’d be set for life. Admit it, most of us are highly dependent (if not too dependent) on our gadgets. Regardless of how many new additions I may add into my arsenal in the next few years, I am yet to find one as perfectly crafted as an iPad. I’m not a faithful Apple fanatic. I don’t own an iPhone and I doubt I’ll ever give into one, but I do own and love both my Macbook Pro and iPad 2. If you read my article on Macbook apps, you know I spend way too much time browsing through apps and finding ways to improve my Apple experience. Now, I’m passing on days worth of iPad app browsing knowledge down to you.

First off, I am not a huge fan of the Apple Smartcovers, but I refuse to spend my time browsing through covers on Etsy or Amazon to find one that pleases my obnoxious taste in aesthetics. Let’s face it, the smartcover sold by Apple is a bit pricey, and it really just is a piece of leather with a magnet. It doesn’t exactly sound like money well spent, ranging from $40 to $60. If you want a sleek and simple way to prop up your iPad, the Magnus is a good alternative. $50 might seem like a blow to your wallet but you’re paying for ingenuity, design and material. It’s super sleek, almost invisible and it also compliments an iPad’s simplicity.


iPad stand by Magnus

Alright, maybe I didn’t sell you on that. Then let me introduce you to Twelve South (tagline: introducing accessories worthy of your Mac). Twelve South has been a lifesaver for me. They introduced me to the PlugBug, an addition to your Macbook charger that lets you charge any other USB powered device as well. I’m killing two birds with one stone at $34. Twelve South can also provide you with bookstands and arcs for your iPad, at under $40. It may all seem expensive, but Gadget Geeks, you know a little money goes a long way in accessories like that. Take The Boast, a tiny sound reflector by an unknown named Nick Wilson. You’d think that Apple would take the time to tweak the iPad, and give it a better speaker. Well, The Boast does that for you. Granted, it may seem like a simple piece of plastic priced at $15, but Wilson is taking any amount through Kickstarter. Regardless of your contribution, you may be receiving a piece itself. It’s a pretty sweet deal, a good idea and this guy deserves credit for his ingenuity. Support, and even purchase your own Boast here.

 “Comic book Geeks, there’s a bit for you too. You use your iPad to read comics? Great! So do I. Normally I use ComicFlow. It allows me to read any comic, anytime without having to have an app for each comic book publisher.”

Now, let’s talk Apps. Right off the bat, if you like using your iPad for videos, then you’re in luck. I recently discovered Devour, an app that literally saves you so much time by handing you awesome videos on a silver platter. It’s made by The New Yorker so you can expect something great out of this App. Check it out right here. Comic book Geeks, there’s a bit for you too. You use your iPad to read comics? Great! So do I. Normally I use ComicFlow. It allows me to read any comic, anytime without having to have an app for each comic book publisher. Here’s the downside, if you think syncing your iPad is annoying, WebDAV isn’t any less annoying. Try it out. However, here’s an alternative: Panelfly. Beautifully designed for our enjoyment. To be honest, I recently discovered it so I haven’t exploited it as much as I have others so venture out and try it too. Everybody suggests Flipboard as the best news reading App. It’s really not my favorite, but I understand why many people think so. My newsreader of choice is Flud. It’s heavily integrated with social networks (so if you’re a big fan of that, then this is definitely up your alley). Plus, it gives you great suggestions on what you enjoy reading about. The upside is if you have an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, there’s an app for your smartphone too.


Screen shot of the Flud news reader app.

Now, about games… I could suggest to you games similar to Angry Birds or Temple Run or all the popular ones we’ve heard of but that’s what those are for. Let me introduce you to Triple Town. It is a puzzle and strategy game with endless possibilities. Triple Town is available on all iOS gadgets, Android and even Facebook.

You can expect more out of these iOS roundups. I am constantly on the lookout for more apps, gadgets and tips on how to get the most out of your iOS gadgets, so if these items and apps didn’t cut it for you, you can expect more soon.

So that’s my roundup of great iPad apps and accessories. Do you guys have any apps and accessories worth mentioning?


– Matthew A. Ramirez

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