Posted August 17, 2012 by Jon Burrows in Products & Tech

iPad Mini and iTV in Full Production According to Analyst


Early this morning Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek released a note to his clients which claims that the iPad Mini and rumored iTV are in a stage of “full production”.

“Hon Hai’s July revenues were +5% M/M vs. typical seasonality of flat. We believe Hon Hai is the main manufacturer of the iPad Mini. The new build plans of 25M and >30M for CQ3 and CQ4 compare to our current estimates of 16M and 18M, which do not include an iPad Mini,” says Misek. He compliments this data with sales reports from Taiwan which he claims indicate a possible announcement on September 12th. He goes on to say that the iTV is in full production.

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In addition Misek estimates that the starting point for pricing on the iTV will be $1,250, and that the new television will be expected to bring an additional $2.5 billion in revenue to Apple by the end of the fiscal year. With iPad Mini rumors abuzz, the iTV (possibly not the full name of the device) rumors seemed to quiet down a bit. That was until today, when this information garnered quite a bit of attention to Apple’s stocks, which went up 0.3% to $638.27.

September 12th is all but confirmed to be a date in which Apple will hold a press conference relating to the iPhone 5. With this influx of information, it’s no question that we will be seeing much more than just the new iPhone. Expect an iPad Mini announcement, with the chance of an iTV announcement which may come at a later time.


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