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iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire 2: Who Will Win The Market?

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire 2: Who Will Win The Market?


“Better Facebook integration, better maps, and better video conferencing…”

 Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 will be announced September 6,  2012, with iPad Mini following in October, 2012. Here’s a quick look at the main features of the two devices.



Kindle Fire 2 is anticipated to have an entirely new OS with Amazon’s build. Said to be faster and smoother, the Kindle Fire 2 sports a brand new UI (user interface). However, it will not support any of Google’s products or services. This is Amazon’s version of Android (Known as “Semi-Android”) and is still the expected OS for the new Fire2. The new device will likely be more Amazon friendly and well synched with Amazon’s app store, encouraging buyers to search for downloads on Amazon rather than in Android or Google Markets.

Apple’s iPad Mini is said to be “built to compete.” It features Apple’s new iO6 program, including the new Google free map app and Passbook. Google has reached an agreement to launch ‘Chrome’ on Apple devices, as well. Users will be able to sync their tabs, web history, and passwords across their Smartphone, PC and Tablet platforms. However, they will not be able to choose Chrome as their default browser. Instead, Google’s new iOS will rely on the power of Apple’s ‘Safari.’ Better Facebook integration, better maps, and better video conferencing are also  predicted for the new iPad.



Today in Santa Monica California, Amazon is holding an official Press Conference. Rumor has it that they will be releasing three sizes of the Kindle Fire 2; a 7”, an 8.9” and a 10” each complete with built-in back-light,1280×800 screen resolution and a battery said to last up to 8 weeks (even with the back light consistently set to ‘on’). The Fire 2 will be thinner and lighter in weight than it’s predecessor. Plastic alloys have now given way to a new ribbed Chrome case, with added shape and color contrasts. The past display button on the bottom of Kindle is being done away with. The overall shape and location of the USB Port and power switch have not been changed. There is an external volume control on the side . The 10” Kindle Fire 2 has a camera in the front panel. Both the 7” KF2 and the 10” are rumored to include micro USB ports and possibly HDMI-out ports..

“built to compete.”

Ipad Mini-apple-

iPad Mini’s display is said to be anywhere from 7-8 inches with 330 pixels per inch with the resolution being 1024×768, (the same as iPad 1 and 2). The Mini also has external volume controls on the right-hand side, and has moved the headphone jack and rotation/mute button to the left-hand side. In this i-version, there will be speakers on the bottom rather than the back.. It also includes a new microphone featured at the top of the device. Mini also has a smaller deck connector and an extra upper-back opening. It is said by those who have had a chance to sneak a peek at the new iPad Mini photos, that there is a plastic clip on the back cover of the iPad Mini case, suggesting that it could have a rear camera, as well as a front view camera for FaceTime centered at the top, much like the current iPods and iPhones.


Amazon is expected to sell its Kindle Fire 2 at the price of $199, while Apple’s iPad Mini is predicted to start at $249, going all the way to $299.

The saying goes: “You get what you pay for.” After you’ve tried them out, come back and comment on  how Amazon and Apple size up in your book!

Which do you think will sell out first? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these awesome new tablets!

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