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iPhone 5: It’s Almost Here


Despite rumors to the contrary, Apple’s press release for the announcement of their new iPhone suggests it will indeed be called the iPhone 5. Earlier in the week an image posted on a Dutch website seemed to indicate that the new iPhone would be called, simply, “the new iPhone,” which did not seem so far-fetched given that the newest iPad was called, “the new iPad,” rather than “the iPad 3.” The purported name change is just one of the many rumors floating around about the uber-hyped new phone. So here’s a recap:


The new iPhone will definitely also be the largest iPhone. Many sources suggest a screen size of around 4 inches, which is around a one-half inch increase over the iPhone 4s screen. The larger screen should go a long way in convincing consumers to upgrade. It will also position the iPhone 5 more comfortably among its android rivals. Android models embraced the larger screen size early on, which could have been a good argument to choose Android over iPhone–but not anymore.


One of the obvious downsides to the new iPhone is that Apple is changing the dock connector. And this rumor is pretty much confirmed. What does that mean for you? Well, for starters, it is going to be a little harder to charge your phone. Any of the ports or adapters you use now will pretty much become obsolete when you upgrade to the iPhone 5. The new phone will use a 19 pin connector, as opposed to the 30 pin connector that has been a standard feature of all the previous models. Allegedly, Apple is working on an adapter that will run around $10, which is a bargain considering the new phone should retail for around $800.

My secret iPhone 5 wish: the ability to switch Siri to Alan Rickman mode. Everyone has their price, Apple. Get on it.


iOS 6 is expected to be standard on the new iPhone. The new operating system includes tons of new and upgraded features, including Facebook integration and a new maps app. Hopefully, the blue GPS dot will not freeze up quite so often. One completely new feature will be the alleged “do not disturb mode,” a quicker way to set the phone to silent without turning it off.


My secret iPhone 5 wish: the ability to switch Siri to Alan Rickman mode. Everyone has their price, Apple. Get on it.

Given all the speculation and hype, it’s easy to forget that these are all just, well, rumors. We will have to wait for September 12th to get the straight dope from Apple. But until then, the excitement will continue to build. Luckily, consumers will not have to wait too long after the announcement to pick up their iPhone 5. TechCrunch reports via a “trusted source” that Friday, September 21st should be the official iPhone 5 release date.

For more on the iPhone 5, check out this wonderful concept video highlighting the many possible features.

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