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QBotix Announces A Robotic Alternative For Solar Power

Qbotix Introduces SolBot And Its New Qbotix Tracking System™

People always say that if you need something done, it’s best to do it yourself. Well, if you can’t do it yourself, then why not get a robot to do it for you? Such is the case with the newly released QBotix Tracking System, SolBot, which utilizes intelligent robots for the purpose of controlling solar power plants. The QBotix Tracking System™, or QTS, is the brainchild of QBotix, the innovative Silicon Valley company responsible for this prototype, which pairs robotics and solar energy. Specifically, their invention is a posse of mobile robots named SolBot. These robots work together, traveling along a track and mechanically moving each solar panel for optimal solar absorption. So far, the results have been impressive.

The idea of using solar panel tracking devices in order to maximize input isn’t new. However, instead of using standard solar power systems to track the sun, the QBotix Tracking System™ employs intelligent, automated robots to change panel movement from static to dynamic. “We’re now deploying the innovations developed in robotics over the last several decades to manage solar power plants,” stated the founder and CEO of QBotix, Wasiq Bokhair, in the company’s latest press release. “Our main focus is to deliver a compelling combination of high performance, reliability, competitive cost and unprecedented intelligence to our customers.”


The use of robotics and the QBotix Tracking System™ has been shown to greatly reduce costs compared to traditional systems. QTS is able to work with solar power plants to maximize their energy output. QBotix estimates that this new technology will increase the amount of energy produced by over 40 percent, thereby reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) by at least 20 percent. This is due to the fact that SolBot and the QTS offers dual-axis solar panel tracking, as opposed to the usual single-axis tracking that’s currently being used. And it offers it for the same price.

Along with lowering costs and increasing energy output, the QBotix Tracking System™ beats conventional solar panel tracking systems in several ways. Installation is quick and the system is compatible with preexisting solar panel configurations. Because everything is done via robot, the cost of maintenance and daily operations is low. Traditional systems employ both a motor and controller to move the photovoltaic panels, which makes them unable to consistently track the sun and therefore, they produce less electricity. On the other hand, SolBot employs its robots to move along railroad like tracks, mechanically moving each solar panel for optimal sun absorption. Just one of these robots can control upwards of 200 panels, producing an amazing 300 kilowatts of power. Aren’t robots just great?

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