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Star Trek Into Darkness App Available: Join Starfleet!


Star Trek Into Darkness App Available: Join Starfleet!

The much-anticipated sequel to J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek doesn’t come to theaters for a good while. May 17, to be exact. However, Paramount has been awesome enough to release a companion app for the film to whet your appetite. So what’s the app all about?

The app itself is looking pretty interesting, although I haven’t had much of an opportunity to use any of the main features. Along with news of the upcoming release and the trailer to watch, Paramount is touting a few of what they call “mission types”. Here’s what they’re claiming:

– Image Scan: Using the apps’ Image Scanner you’ll hunt for Star Trek images in the real world (i.e. outdoor billboards or posters in movie theaters)

– Sound Scan: You’ll discover new content by using the scanner on the film’s video content (i.e. trailers, commercials, etc.)

– Map Mission: Purposefully hunt for specific locations, or wander upon them with the app’s Geo-location technology

I haven’t had any way to try out some of these scanning modes (I’ve been busy planning my Geeked out man cave), but i’m sure they make for some fun geeking-out action for you Trekkies out there. Along with these cool mission features, you’ll have access to special photos and interviews with the cast of your new favorite movie. I can’t claim to be a long-standing Star Trek fan, but I loved the first of Abrams’ films to death.

The application is available now for free on the App Store for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It’s also available on the Google Play Store for free as well. Go check it out if you have an iPhone or an Android phone and let us know how much excitement it creates in your geekdom.

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