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TomTom Announces GPS App for Android

TomTom Announces GPS App for Android


Dutch automobile navigation systems developer TomTom announced Wednesday the impending release of a GPS app for Android. TomTom, the developer behind such products as TomTom Rider and TomTom mobile, has been a leading designer in the GPS industry since its founding in 1991. The new app was first unveiled and previewed at the annual European tradeshow IFA, where an October release date was suggested. Once the app is released to the public, it will be available in 24 distinct regional versions. Among the different versions are all European countries, North America, Australia, South America, and select Asia Pacific markets.

The move will put TomTom in direct competition with Google, who’s bundled, free to download GPS app is among the most popular GPS apps available for Android. Though TomTom’s GPS app will not be free to download, it is said to include several features that will set it apart from its competitors. Among these features are on-board maps, IQ routes and HD traffic. The press release for the app boasts that it will provide the most efficient routes and most accurate arrival times. Perhaps most enticingly, the app is said to use offline maps when giving directions. What this means is that internet connectivity is not required to get directions, so TomTom users will be able to find directions to their destination no matter where they are and whether or not they have an internet connection. Offline maps will also mean that TomTom users will be less likely to receive additional data charges for their trouble. Most other GPS apps, (Google included) use online maps. That said, there are two select features on the new that require internet connectivity: the first capable of tracking real-time traffic updates and the second capable of locating police traps. The cost of the app will include lifetime map updates.

This is not TomTom’s first foray into the smartphone business, as the GPS app will follow in the footsteps of the recently released TomTom Hands-free Car Kit for smartphones, which gives users the ability to charge and mount their phone in full view as a built-in speaker delivers clear navigation instructions. Though there is still no word on pricing for the new app, or even an exact release date for that matter, but it’s safe to say that TomTom will be making quite the splash in the GPS market when the app is released this October.

By Chris Vanjonack

Chris Vanjonack