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Webinos – A New Open Source Operating System

Webinos – A New Open Source Operating System


Open source operating systems aren’t new anymore. On October 5th, 1991, Linux was released as an alternative to the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The open source project quickly caught wind, and has enjoyed a prosperous growth for those looking to be more involved in making their computers tick. But a new project has just emerged, with hopes to bridge the gap between the Operating System, and the device.

Webinos is an open source operating system which was created with partnerships from some seriously big companies. BMW, Samsung and Sony are the most notable of the 22 partners, which Webinos proudly shares an allegiance with. All of Webinos’ partners share a similar vision, as detailed by their FAQ:

“Webinos envisions web applications running and utilizing resources across a range of connected devices, interacting seamlessly with each other to contribute to the development of the internet and facilitate users with more attractive, innovative and valuable applications.”

The project started in September of 2009, and received 10m€  of funding from the European Union. The project’s development is set to come to an end in August of 2013, and while their goals may appear lofty in this time frame, they are certainly realistic. Webinos was created to bridge the proprietary gap in Operating Systems, to allow multiple devices to input and output information from the OS no matter what device it’s running on. Currently the OS is set to run on almost anything, ranging from car stereos and televisions, to heart monitors and cellphones.

To help production of development for the OS, Webinos is currently running the “1st Cross-Screen App Challenge,” in which developers are tasked with creating various applications for the Operating System. The best will be chosen by Webinos on October 8th to receive invitations to their developer meetings along with other prizes.

To find out more about Webinos, check out their website at

To learn more about their Application Challenge, you can visit their contest page at

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